Keep Your Human Battery Charged Throughout the Holiday Season

5 Tips for Keeping Your Human Battery Fully Charged Throughout the Holiday Season
1. Stay active- it’s easy to fall out of your typical routine throughout the holiday season, and that’s ok! Maybe staying active through the holidays isn’t your usual weekly workout, but maybe it’s a walk with family or a new virtual exercise class. Either way, try to stay active during this time- even if it’s just something small.⁣
2. Connect with others- the holidays are a great time to connect with family, friends, coworkers, etc. that you might not usually interact with. Step outside of your comfort zone this holiday season and make some new connections!⁣
3. Be forgiving- the holidays can be a time of indulgence, guilt, emotions, and so much more. Try to be forgiving of yourself, others, and your indulgence – you’ll get back on track as soon as all of the treats are gone!⁣
4. ‘No’ can be a positive word- the holiday season can present us with more social and unique opportunities than we’re used to and it can be tough to ignore. Try to feel comfortable saying ‘no’ when it feels right for you- you will probably thank yourself later!⁣
5. Enjoy! It can be easy to dwell on the emotions, the guilt, and the change in routine throughout the holiday season which can be overwhelming. As hard as you can, try to ENJOY the newness and appreciate the holiday spirit ✨
Here are some of our favorite BioCharger recipes to help keep you charged throughout the holidays:⁣
  • Purify Recover⁣
  • Solfeggio Serenity⁣
  • 5 Hour Energy⁣
  • Happy Days⁣
  • Weight Not⁣
  • Hangover Recovery⁣
The BioCharger Team wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season!
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