The Lunar Effect

The Lunar Effect: Does the Full Moon Really Make Us Feel Crazy?

On Tuesday, April 7th we saw the biggest and brightest full moon of the year- the Super Pink Moon.  This means that the moon will be much closer to Earth than usual and will seem almost close enough to touch.  Spoiler alert: the Super Pink Moon won’t actually appear pink, but was given its name because it typically corresponds with the early springtime bloom of a bright pink wildflower, the Phlox subulata.  Better to find out now than when you’re searching the night sky for a bright pink sphere, right?

Full moons have historically had a reputation for creating “weirdness” here on Earth and are often blamed during times of turmoil.  We’ve all heard the phrase ‘it must be a full moon’ which typically means that someone is in a bad mood, conflict has arisen in an unusual way, or maybe a relationship is eliciting more stress than usual.  Is it true? Does the full moon really have an impact on living beings and our sanity?

The moon has a major influence on Earth’s tides- oceans, lakes, etc.  Humans (and many animals) are made up of about 75% water so it has been theorized that perhaps the full moon truly does have an effect on living things due to our water content.  Interesting theory, huh? Spoiler alert #2: many studies have been done to test the correlation between the full moon and sleep, number of emergency room visits, births, deaths, etc. and not a single one has determined that there is a connection.  Womp womp. It turns out that the full moon may just be our scapegoat for having a particularly bad day and we may even seek out hectic situations when we know that a full moon is approaching. A self-fulfilling prophecy, if you will.

So, there you have it.  Apparently the full moon doesn’t technically have the effect on us that it gets such a bad rap for.  Does that mean that we will stop blaming it for the fact that we spilled our lunch all over ourselves or snapped at our spouse?  Probably not.


-The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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