4 Simple Sleep Hacks

Studies show that sleep is significantly impacted (in a not-so-great way) when change or disruption occurs in our lives.  It can be tough to get a solid night’s sleep when the world is in disarray which inevitably affects our mood, productivity, and overall well-being the following day. There’s nothing worse than those nights where your mind is racing and you just can’t seem to stop thinking about the fact that your closet needs to be reorganized or that you forgot to call your grandmother.  Don’t fret!  You’re not alone in this and hopefully some of these simple sleep hacks will help:

  1. Say NO to screen time – don’t hate us, we know that social media engagement is often at its highest in the evening hours and that you probably save your Instagram scrolling for right before bed.  Unfortunately it has been proven that using devices an hour or less before bed delays your body’s internal clock (a.k.a., your circadian rhythm), suppresses the release of the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin, and makes it more difficult to fall asleep.
  2. Lavender Oil – this is not just your hippie aunt’s ~magical sleep remedy~.  Lavender oil has proven to help calm the mind and contribute to deeper, sounder sleep.  Put a few drops on your hand before bed and rub it on your pillow, sheets, and comforter.  You can find it on Amazon or even at your local grocery story.
  3. Read – your screen time alternative, a good ol’ fashioned book (sorry, no Kindles or iPads).  Reading can help bring your mind to the present and tune out the outside world and happenings from the day.  
  4. Visualization – if you’re someone who has trouble falling asleep initially, this one’s for you!  As soon as you put your head on your (lavender-covered) pillow, start to imagine a scene that makes you feel happy.  This can be an event that has happened in the past or something that you’d like to have happen in the future (shout out to manifestation!).  Spend 20 minutes – or as long as you need – visualizing this scene until it lulls you to sleep.

*Bonus Tip* – run the Theta Wave recipe on the BioCharger before bed!


Happy sleeping!


Sources: Sleep Foundation, Harvard Medical School 

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