Our Modern Day Problem

Spending 93% of our day inside (Yale School of Environment) blocked from nature’s natural energies

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Modern-day world, modern-day challenges

Modern-Day Lifestyle

Over 90% of our day is spent indoors, blocked from nature’s vital natural energies. This lifestyle, combined with exposure to visible and invisible toxins like pollution, water, and electronic devices, can lead to a deterioration of our health.

A Concerning Increase in Numbers

In 2021, American adults diagnosed with a chronic disease rose from slightly over 40% in 2017 to 60%. Alarmingly 40% of American adults were impacted by anxiety in 2021, which is a sharp increase from 10% in 2019.

Healthy vs. Unhealthy Cells

New healthy and unhealthy cells are regenerating at the rate of 2-3 million cells per second. The key to recovery, rejuvenation, and natural healing is through regenerating new healthy, optimized cells. Unfortunately, due to our modern-day lifestyle, these new cells aren’t fully optimized, causing our cellular and overall health to diminish over time.

Empower your life with natural energies

The BioCharger NG replenishes your body with natural energies it lacks due to the modern lifestyle.

The Sun is Shining Through the Trees in the Forest


Get on the path to optimized wellness by using light energy to boost nutrient absorption, enhance rejuvenation, elevate mood, improve sleep quality, and promote healthy skin.

Green Branch Above Water

Frequencies & Harmonics

Experience the transformative power of frequencies and harmonics that can elevate your mood and cognition, boost your energy levels, and accelerate your body's ability to recover.

Multiple Lightning Strikes Over a Field Full of Trees


Explore a new level of vitality with voltage energy that revitalizes and rejuvenates your body, while supporting better cognitive function, leading to a more vibrant and fulfilling life.

A Barefooted Child in a Purple Leggings Standing on a Log in the Grass


Discover a stronger and healthier version of yourself with PEMFs energies. Promote faster recovery, relieve daily irritations, and optimize your cellular health.

The scientific roots behind the BioCharger

The BioCharger NG is a health optimization platform designed to transmit energy that stimulates and invigorates the entire body to optimize and improve potential health, wellness, and athletic performance.

Black and White Portrait of Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla

Once upon a time, a brilliant inventor named Nikola Tesla was making waves in the scientific community with his groundbreaking discoveries. Tesla's discoveries went beyond paving the way for wireless energy transmission and revolutionizing electricity to include therapeutic applications as well.

Black and White Portrait of Georges Lakhovsky

Georges Lakhovsky

One of the researchers who continued Tesla’s line of investigations was Georges Lakhovsky, a Russian émigré who invented the Multi-Wave Oscillator (MWO). Christopher Bird, the author of The Secret Life of Plants and as well as other books, described Lakhovsky as seeming to have been an associate of, or a colleague of Tesla.

Black and White Portrait of Royal Rife

Royal Rife

During the 1920s and ’30s, Rife reportedly achieved astounding accomplishments in medicine and biology. He first invented and built five novel optical microscopes that allowed him to observe viruses in live cells and tissue cultures.

Black and White Portrait of Alexander Gurwitsch

Alexander Gurwitsch

The therapeutic value of light and color therapy has been investigated since before the turn of the last century. Notable researchers from the period who influenced the development of the BioCharger NG include Alexander Gurwitsch, among others.

Restore and energize your body with the BioCharger NG!

Enhance your life with the first health optimization platform that combines four natural energies simultaneously.

10-15 minutes is all you need

Get all the vital natural energies your body needs without changing your lifestyle. The BioCharger NG allows you to do it in 10-15 minute sessions.

Save time by stacking energies

Experience four natural energies at the same time. Utilize the cutting-edge technology that the BioCharger provides and maximize your efficiency.

Target, optimized, scalable frequency programs

Take advantage of 1200+ frequency and energy programs or BioCharger recipes to ease daily irritations, boost energy, enhance mindfulness, and perform at the highest level.

myCloud Ecosystem

Manage your BioCharger NG platform effortlessly. Get access to frequency and energy programs and receive new upgrades to optimize your platform over time.

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BioCharger NG Health Optimization Platform

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Experience the Future of Wellness and Save!

Discover the Endless Benefits of BioCharger: Connect with Our Experienced Team Today!

Experience the Future of Wellness and Save!

Discover the Endless Benefits of BioCharger: Connect with Our Experienced Team Today!