BioCharger NG is more flexible + powerful than Quantum Pulse

Instead of just one type, the BioCharger generates four beneficial types of electromagnetic waves. What’s UNIQUE is that we’ve customized how these four energies work together to get specific results. We call these recipes. To make it simple, we give you a collection of recipes from which you can choose your well-being goals and not need to program anything.

The BioCharger NG’s technology works at the cellular level. 

Use a catalog of over 1,000 recipes with the widest range of frequencies of any device, plus enhanced features on a multi-user platform.  

Save the maintenance complexity over the Quantum Pulse/Vibe Machine and gain greater flexibility + power.

“After hearing about some of the results being achieved through use of the BioCharger, I decided to give it a try. I would consider myself healthy, with some prior injuries. After using the BioCharger for a few weeks, I experienced relief from some of the nagging issues in my lower back, ankles, and knees. I was not creaking and cracking in the morning like before, and within 4 weeks, I noticed that I had gained flexibility, strength and agility. Most importantly, I was getting better sleep, feeling more mentally alert and in a better mood. I had been a skeptic, but can now say with confidence that the BioCharger helped me achieve real results.”

– Mike Seidewand, Entrepreneur, Former QB at Columbia, father of 4

What you will get:
  • Review technical specifications
  • Answers to frequently asked questions like pricing and more
  • See how the BioCharger NG is made (video)
  • Download detailed information (brochure)

See how BioCharger NG stacks up against the Quantum Pulse/Vibe Machine. Check out our point for point comparison below.

Features*BioCharger NGQuantum Pulse / Vibe Machine
Strong Voltage
Wide Range Frequencies (7Hz-50,000 kHz)
Programmable Pulsed Modulation
12 Individual Plasma Tubes
Toroidal Coil
Maintenance Free
(Solid State vs Spark Gap or Vacuum Tube)
Software Updates
ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing
Programmable Recipes
Self-tuning, solid state, digital design
Simultaneous photonic electromagnetic & electrostatic energies
Dedicated Expert Customer Technical Support
Warranty 1 year + 45-day money-back guarantee1 year
Wide Range Voltage Control0 - 600,000 VoltsWeak, Less than 200,000 Volts
Recalibration needed?No. Self-tuningYes. Recalibration required annually or more, based on use
Price$14,990 for the complete system$13,000 - $30,000