A Happy, Whole You

“Our wellness is well-rounded and we’re pretty darn proud of that!”

Introducing Happy Whole You, a certified Theta Wellness Center founded by female entrepreneur, Anna Marie Frank!  Anna Marie is a brain health expert, speaker, biohacker, author, and coach who is on a mission to help others. Happy Whole You is her way to do just that!  Anna Maria currently has two physical wellness locations- one in Bakersfield, CA and one in Fort Collins, CO. Both of HWY’s locations provide a variety of services including life & health coaching, red light therapy, bio-feedback, chakra testing and balancing, the BioCharger, and SO much more!  She also offers a blog and podcast that focus on wellness and science-based health.

HWY’s mission is “to provide space for individuals to create lasting inner peace, creativity, and happiness by supporting and guiding them on creating the future they desire through effective therapies to maximize health, happiness, and performance. To free the world, one person at a time, from anxiousness, disruptive sleep patterns, sadness, and pattern thinking. Upgrading human’s minds and bodies to live happy-whole lives.”

Anna Marie has had a BioCharger since November 2019 and said that she “has not had a client who hasn’t noticed a difference after using the BioCharger.”  She BioCharges with her children weekly and also likes to conduct life coaching sessions with clients while BioCharging- a very creative approach to coaching!  She usually starts her clients with the ‘abundance’ recipe to help them open up their minds and start to unlock their own potential. 

Anna Marie recently released a podcast with our very own Jim Girard, the creator of the BioCharger.


To learn more about Happy Whole You and the many services that they offer, visit happywholeyou.com

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