Animal Lover Embraces the BioCharger™ NG

Joan Adams is an animal lover from Connecticut who practices Reiki and IET (Integrated Energy Therapy), and has been a huge Nikola Tesla fan for many years. She has also been a dog and cat groomer for thirty-five years. In 2000, Joan expanded her work to encompass horses, and became a Hoof Care Specialist in Germany. I had the opportunity to interview Joan about her health journey and the way in which she came upon the BioCharger™ NG, and the subsequent help she has received from it.

Grooming dogs and cats, and trimming horses hooves several days a week both locally and on the road kept Joan very busy. She travelled to Natural Horse clinics with well known trainers, such as Buck Brannaman, Tom Curtin and Bryan Neubert, and became very successful. She had her own horse farm breeding Morgan horses, while also training students at the natural clinics. The schedule became too taxing on Joan and in 2008 she sold the farm due to health issues, because as she stated; “The arthritis was beyond what I could tolerate.”

Joan shared with me that for many years throughout her life, she read and studied everything she could find about Tesla in books, articles, and historical references. She was recently introduced to the BioCharger™ NG through a friend who knew that Joan would be fascinated by the influence that Tesla had on the BioCharger™ design and technology. After being given all of the details about the product by the inventor Jim Girard, she came to the conclusion that this was definitely for her, stating:

“It was a no brainer that the BioCharger™ would work”

Joan reported the health problems that she was dealing with prior to using the BioCharger™ NG as arthritis, very sore joints, and poor digestion. Joan goes on to report; “After purchasing the BioCharger™ NG, I started using it almost every day. Within a week I realized I was going through a healing crisis. I was very tired and my kidneys were getting sore. I was certain that I was not getting sick, it just didn’t feel that way. I backed off using the BioCharger™ to every other day. It took 24 hours and a real deep night’s sleep and I bounced back like a bunny.”

Joan goes on with her story. “But it was six weeks into using it that I suddenly realized that my back and kidneys were no longer hurting me, and that I was able to eliminate freely without discomfort. That was amazing!”

This outcome was so amazing to Joan, you see, because about 2 ½ years ago she had total renal failure. She shared that It took her homeopathic doctor a month to get her reasonably comfortable. Since then she has had to tolerate discomfort, that is until she started using the BioCharger™ NG.

Joan finished our exchange by telling me; “As of this moment, it’s been two months and I am slowly realizing my digestion is doing better, I have less belching after food intake and less stomach discomfort generally. So, I am going to continue with this amazing Tesla Coil based device called the BioCharger™ NG, and see if this healing continues.” Becoming active again, Joan now has two horses and has begun traveling to clinics again, this time, just for the fun of it.

As an aside, Joan also reports that her 19 year old cat loves the sessions and sits with her for each one. Her two younger cats will also often join her voluntarily when she starts up a session.

All of us here at Advanced Biotechnologies would like to thank Joan for sharing her story and details about her healing journey. Of course, our team is always thrilled to receive such good reports, and they continue to pour in, which fuels us with inspiration. We wish Joan continued improvement so she can continue to love and enjoy her beautiful dogs, cats and horses.

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