The BioCharger Story Part II

The Meeting of the Minds

This is the second segment in our 3 part series summarizing the history behind the BioCharger and the evolution it has undergone over the past 20 years and beyond.

We ended part 1 just as Jim Girard was about to launch the BioCharger Plus in 2013, which was just prior to a meeting with a neighbor, Jim Law. The two Jims knew one another primarily because their sons had become very close friends after years of attending the same schools and playing sports together.Jim Law, who had held executive positions in well-known technology companies such as Apple Computer and NeXT had developed a very impressive entrepreneurial track record in the area of technology, and as the story unfolds, it is apparent that this background was to be put to use once again.

Earlier in 2002, Jim Law had partnered with a gentleman named Colin Bester, who was an electrical engineer who had extensive expertise in conceptual design, design and development of software, as well as hardware and product development. Their partnership was built on trust, integrity, forward thinking and ingenuity. They co-founded an energy management company that implemented innovative and disruptive technology-based solutions. Their company, known as Site Controls, revolutionized energy management for multi-unit national retailers using cloud-based above site data analytics to identify energy outliers or unsafe conditions. In 2010, the company was acquired by Siemens, one of the top 5 industrial technology companies worldwide. Their systems literally changed the way certain industries did business. And with yet another successful business endeavor under Jim’s belt, a perfect storm was brewing for what was yet to come; the first “Meeting of the Minds.”

One day, at a town parade, Jim Girard’s wife Alison, approached Jim Law and mentioned that her husband had an idea he would like to run by him. It was an initiative that created the bridge that connected the two Jim’s. History was about to take a fortuitous turn in favor of all who appreciate (and will come to appreciate) the powerful combination of science, technology, and healing.

At the first “official” meeting, when Jim Law was introduced to the BioCharger, he was intrigued. He purchased an available model and started using it. As a result, he started noticing and experiencing some interesting positive changes in his energy levels and sense of well-being. He began sharing it with friends and associates to get their feedback, and they too experienced noticeable and positive results. As he continued his due diligence, he interviewed dozens of Jim G’s earlier customers. It was clear that people were benefiting in many ways from the BioChargers they owned, but it was also evident that the handmade units were not without problems. Some owners expressed frustration because the devices were very fragile, and at times they could be unreliable. But despite the number of quality and service issues, they simply refused to abandon their use. That sign of unconditional appreciation for the benefits gained from the use of the technology, coupled with his personal experiences and those of his friends, compelled Jim L. to press further. He would then reach out to his former business partner and friend Colin Bester, and introduce the idea. This would be the second “Meeting of the Minds.”

Colin was an electrical engineer who had read the book, The Body Electric several years prior. Unbeknownst to Jim L, Colin had always been fascinated by electricity and the human body. When Jim Law introduced the BioCharger to Colin, his words were “Well you can’t say there’s nothing to it.” At that point, the third “Meeting of the Minds” was arranged.

When Jim Girard met Colin, the two of them hit it off well. This was the meeting that would unite the visions, talents, and passions of three men, and usher in a new company known as Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC, established in 2013.

Colin would take the legacy of what Jim G. had created and envisioned, and combine it with his own advanced understanding of electrical engineering, design, and development, and would go on to develop a new version which incorporated an impressive amount of forward thinking. Jim Law explained, “It was difficult to take the product off the market in 2013, but it was the right thing to do.” He added “We set out to make a leading edge and disruptive game-changing product that a company as progressive as Apple would be proud to say was theirs.”

Within a period of 18 months, the team at Advanced Biotechnologies had breakthroughs beyond their wildest expectations. Colin Bester, a true genius, was behind the total redesign of what came to be the BioCharger NG (NG for next generation). A team of top electrical, software, hardware, and manufacturing engineers was brought in and worked cohesively to support the redesign, incorporating the following design criteria:

– Safety is paramount. A testing partner was engaged, and the company received FCC and CE mark certificates of Conformity. The Biocharger NG was no longer being hand built (with love) in Jim’s garage or basement, but rather being manufactured in an ISO 9001 facility with impeccable manufacturing practices.

– Quality – The device would be constructed from top quality components, making it durable, well-made, sleek, and attractive. It will be made to last for many years with proper care.

– Effectiveness – It was important to design a system that would allow for continued enhancement. Owners should be able to remotely receive software updates, new features, and unlimited access to recipes.

– Best Technology Available – Navigate the future by considering the brilliant minds of the past. In light of all the technology available in this day and age, this team asked the question, “What would Tesla, Rife, and Lakhovsky do if they were alive today? This management team embraced the fact that global collaboration would help improve what the BioCharger NG can do now and in the years to come.

– Ease of Use – The device was made to be user-friendly, both in operation and in cloud capabilities. The recipe management functionality allows the user unlimited access to the cloud and the recipe library.

– Customer and Marketing Support are second to none. Additionally, the company partnered and/or aligned themselves with leading-edge specialists, IP attorneys, production facilities, and marketing consultants. They take every opportunity to connect at events across the country that allow them to showcase the product, while possessing an unshakable passion to keep developing it. It is clear that the partnerships and bonds among their network of suppliers is extraordinary, and the entire team stands in agreement that they are doing the right thing for mankind.

Jim Girard credits Colin for his forward thinking and shares that “Colin advanced the BioCharger to a level that I could not even have thought of.” He goes on to say that “Colin looked at what we could do today and what we could do in the future.”

As a member of a solid management team, Jim Girard is now surrounded and supported by a team of highly qualified personnel. One of his roles in the company is helping to test and develop enhancements to the BioCharger. Jim enjoys “playing in the lab” and there are some exciting developments coming soon. Stay tuned for the final chapter in this blog series where we will offer some insight into these future enhancements.

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