BioCharger Story Part III: Passion, Purpose and the Pursuit of Excellence

As I concluded my interviews with the management team at Advanced Biotechnologies, I recognized a common thread that was shared by each member. While individually they have their specific areas of focus; Jim Girard and his vision of creating the “Big Spark”, Colin Bester, and his genius ideas in the technological areas of development and design, and Jim Law with the savvy business and marketing initiatives that are successfully thrusting the company into the global spotlight, there is one common thread that binds them, and that is the desire to create incomparable services to the end users. Jim Law sums it up: “We’re committed to providing innovative technology that can improve the quality of life for people of all ages and levels of health. We’re standing on the shoulders of giants like Nikola Tesla, Royal Rife and Georges Lakhovsky, and are driven to evolve the BioCharger NG, as they would, into the ultimate biohack.”

In today’s world, technology moves incredibly fast. I have purchased expensive technology that became outdated even before the warranty expired. As a result, I was left with less than a competitive edge and resentment that made me think: “if I only would have waited”. It is refreshing to hear Jim Law emphasize that “the same people who purchased a Biocharger NG over 3 years ago will still have 100% of the capabilities, functionality, cloud access, and recipe library that a brand-new client has today.” He goes on to say that these devices are being built to last and have been designed with features that have not yet been activated. “When we completely redesigned the Biocharger NG, we wanted to create a platform to eliminate obsolescence.”

There was a quiet, calmness associated with the interview I conducted with Colin Bester, but without question, his professional and personal commitment is to provide a superior product and unparalleled client service. He stated, “While this technology has been out there for a while, there is still such a learning curve, and we are constantly realizing that there are ways we can increase the functionality of the Biocharger NG device. We don’t really know what tomorrow will look like, the field is so ancient and yet so new.” When asked how he feels about competition in the marketplace, Colin conveyed that he is a strong believer in competition, because it not only validates the product, but fosters continual improvement of the product overall. That said, he is keeping his head down and focusing solely on how he can work within the team to improve the Biocharger NG and provide the best support to the end users. Colin shares that in his work and in his life he is driven by two loves; nature and technology. “In everything I do, it will always be my goal to create balance between the two.”

There are three specific industries that have readily embraced the Biocharger NG technology, and they are: the alternative health & wellness market, sports & athletics, and the mind/body/spa market. There is currently such a tremendous ground swell of interest, that Jim Law is expecting Biocharger NG sales to triple this year. The BioCharger has been getting some attention from large stem cell research organizations who are interested in looking at the Biocharger NG in conjunction with their studies. Independent practitioners like chiropractors, biological dentists and peak performance experts have noticed profound positive shifts in the health and well-being of their clients when integrating the use of the Biocharger NG within their regimens. Some large national professional organizations have expressed interest in the technology, and have requested exclusive member webinars as a way to provide education on how the technology and the use of subtle energies could be of benefit within their organization.

Even well-known and highly respected celebrities are coming to embrace the BioCharger NG. Jim Law recently met with Tony Robbins, well known author, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and life coach. After experiencing the technology first hand, Tony is now a raving fan and owns several units. He is introducing the Biocharger NG technology to affiliate organizations and colleagues as well.

Jim Girard shared a sneak peek of what is currently happening behind the scenes regarding a potential new feature of the BioCharger NG. An “audio modulation” feature that allows the user to play music through the corona discharge is now being tested. “To be able to transfer the power of the spoken word through the music channeled via the corona discharge, is powerful. Not only are you receiving music on the level of sound but you are generating all the harmonics and octaves that go up into the visible light range and beyond.” And, according to Jim Law, “there is much more to be revealed beyond the functionality of the device.”

The company has made it a priority to maintain “raving fan” client satisfaction levels, and is apparently succeeding in doing so because in spite of the sophisticated digital marketing presence they have, Jim Law maintains that the biggest part of new business is still derived from referrals by satisfied users and their clients. The company has traditionally offered personalized training and plans to further enhance the customers experience in a very big way. “We are now leveraging technology so the customer receives a higher than expected level of support.” In addition to the personal touch, Advanced Biotechnologies is working to enhance the unboxing experience. As part of that, they will be providing USB drives with all documentation needed for the onboarding and training processes as well as access to video tutorials. As an added benefit, they plan to create more platforms for user collaboration and communication. Additional marketing support will be made available to assist practitioners in reaching new clients, and research data will be made available to further support and validate the credibility and benefits of this technology. Jim Law adds, “We want to be able to build on the collaboration of customers worldwide including researchers and practitioners, to continually develop new uses for the BioCharger NG.”

Recipe development and client support are critical areas to achieving this ‘higher than expected’ level of support. David DeFebo has been developing these two channels over the past 3 years with high praise from BioCharger NG customers worldwide. With the addition of Zack Olinger (a customer himself) to the support team, plans are unfolding to create an even better customer experience. With over 450 recipes in the system and growing, the capabilities of the BioCharger NG continue to expand and improve. David and Zack continue to enhance the educational process that is so important to the success of every customer. Video conferencing is a big help, as well as the growing Youtube channel that has an expanding list of helpful videos. All of these efforts have created a very personalized and thorough education process which is improving into the future.

In summary, in the beginning there was passion. From that passion came purpose. The purpose was and remains ‘to provide a service for the good of mankind.’ Jim Girard, and the team at Advanced Biotechnologies, are taking that passion and purpose to another level in their pursuit of overall product superiority and service excellence. And fortunately their clients and anyone who has the opportunity to sit in front of the BioCharger NG, will reap the benefits of their hard work. For without a doubt, and I say this with a heart full of gratitude, WE are ultimately the ones they have chosen to so serve.

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