Electrifying Growth at Team BioCharger

The BioCharger team is geared up for incredible growth in 2020! To accommodate the needs of our growing client base and to also increase awareness out in the world, we have recently added several new members to our team. As a true testimony to the effectiveness of the BioCharger, two of these newest employees were ecstatic clients prior to joining the company! The BioCharger team is more like a family who shares a common mission to help others reach their peak potential and to promote open-mindedness for alternative modalities. We are excited to have additional resources in three key departments within our family including:

Training & Support – A critical part of the BioCharger experience includes the comprehensive onboarding and training performed by our internal staff of BioCharger educators. This team ensures that new clients are well informed on how to use the BioCharger safely and effectively, and that seasoned clients are getting the advanced training needed to take the BioCharger to the next level.

Sales & Business Development – These BioCharger ambassadors forge meaningful relationships with our clients that last long after the initial sale.

Marketing – The marketing team strives to provide educational materials to our audiences and as well as to clients who wish to promote the BioCharger to others. By creating engaging materials, social media posts, and a robust online presence, this department creates “the buzz” that gets people excited about the BioCharger!

Each member of our team has had their own unique experiences with the BioCharger, and we encourage you to ask questions, and get to know us! Read more about all of the team members here: https://biocharger.com/our-team/

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BioCharger™ NG Platform includes: complete system w/ electronic user documents; access to myCloud & extensive, ever-growing recipe library (600+ energy/frequency recipes); internet connectivity; 12 plasma tubes; private on-boarding and training sessions; 2 years parts & labor warranty; and 45-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. *Shipping costs not included ($250 in the continental US/per quote basis outside the continental US)

Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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