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Article Published in Around Town Magazine – by Tracy Duhs

Especially around the holidays, it can often feel like our to-do lists manage us, rather than the other way around. I’m sure we would all like to be motivated to focus our energy on learning how to organize our time more efficiently

While searching for time management tips, I came across an informational video that reminded me that we all share the same 24-hour day, but the defining difference between highly productive individuals and the less productive is energy. You can have all the time in the world, but if you are deficient in energy resources, you will lack success in accomplishing your goals. With energy being one of our most valuable assets, how do we get more of it?

Sometimes I wish I was more like a cell phone, and I could just plug myself in and charge my cells up to 100 percent. Wouldn’t that be so convenient? Until a few months ago, I thought that concept of plugging in and charging my body at the cellular level was an impractical dream. That was before I had the pleasure of experiencing a subtle energy device called the BioCharger. After a 15-minute session sitting near this small spaceship-looking device with colorful lights, I felt revived. The evening after my Bio-Charging session, I had so much energy that I shaved five minutes off my regular 5-mile run. I was thrilled. I felt motivated, so I came home and organized my garage, made dinner, read a book and went to bed. I slept like a baby and woke up at 6 am ready for the day without an alarm clock to wake me up! Why was I so motivated? Why did I have so much energy?

I had to go back the next day for another session because the experience was so transformative for me. I needed to know more about this mysterious machine. After spending some time on the BioCharger website and speaking with the developer, I came to have a better understanding of how the BioCharger reenergizes weakened cells and revitalizes the body’s natural magnetic energy to align mind and body and restore health and wellness.

The device combines a Tesla coil and light therapy in one compact unit. These combined technologies offer our body the biocompatible boost it needs. Just like a cell phone is plugged into its charger and receives energy, we too can charge up simply by sitting next to this machine. After sitting next to the BioCharger, most people experience the following effects:

  • RELIEF – For those who suffer from chronic, frequent or physical or emotional discomfort.
  • RECOVERY – Whether you’re recovering from a hard workout, an injury or the stress of everyday life, the BioCharger platform will allow you a quicker bounce-back.
  • INCREASED FLEXIBILITY – A key component to good physical health and injury prevention is flexibility. The BioCharger helps accelerate muscle recovery, reduce joint stiffness and contributes to improved mobility and flexibility.
  • COMFORT – As we age, toxins accumulate in our joints, leading to aches and pains. Using the BioCharger NG for just 15 minutes helps revitalize and liberate your body.
  • ENERGY – Energy is a key ingredient to giving 100 percent on a daily basis. The BioCharger will revitalize your body to perform at peak levels. Getting up in the morning will be much easier with the BioCharger.
  • HAPPINESS – When your body and mind feel rested and aligned, your well-being adds to your overall happiness.

There are many places in Southern California to experience the BioCharger; go to to find a location near you or visit The Sanctuary Wellness Experience, 1955 Cable Street, Ocean Beach, 619.861.8351. Mention About Town and receive $15 off your first session.

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BioCharger™ NG Platform includes: complete system w/ electronic user documents; access to myCloud & extensive, ever-growing recipe library (600+ energy/frequency recipes); internet connectivity; 12 plasma tubes; private on-boarding and training sessions; 2 years parts & labor warranty; and 45-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. *Shipping costs not included ($250 in the continental US/per quote basis outside the continental US)

Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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