Holland Reports Revitalization Effects of the BioCharger NG

One of our customers in Holland recently wrote to us to report his dramatically positive experience with the BioCharger NG. Richard Grimbergen, who resides in Norrden, Holland has been a BioCharger NG user since the beginning of 2016. He has given us permission to report his story to you, in the hopes that it will help others achieve similar results.

Richard contacted us in late 2015 to inquire about purchasing the BioCharger NG to assist him in his quest to restore himself to a functional state of health. As he states to us in an email:

richard-grimbergen“I suffered during many years, with many issues. No doctor knew what was wrong with me, and everything they tried to help me, didn’t work. During this long period of not feeling well, I did everything to become healthy and pick up my normal life again but it seemed like nothing could help me.”

Richard goes on to describe his process in deciding to try the BioCharger NG:

“I read about the BioCharger and decided to try (and see) if it could help me too. I do use the BioCharger now since one month, and in this month I feel a big positive change. I feel much better.”

Richard has been using the BioCharger NG on a regular basis, and our team of experts have guided him in the use of this truly 21st century technology. He has been a great student of the technology, and has realized success in applying his knowledge. His faith in the process, our team, and the technology has paid off for him as he describes in the final section of his testimonial.

“I am absolutely convinced that these positive changes are achieved only with the aid of the BioCharger, and I am so happy that I found this solution, for me it’s a miracle in my life. I will keep on using my BioCharger and am sure that I soon will be healthy and powerful again and go back to my normal life.”

“In the meanwhile, I also started to help other people with different kind of symptoms with my BioCharger and they all feel the same improvements. They feel better on physical, mental and/or emotional level.”

This is a powerful story from a truly grateful, courageous, and pioneering individual. As you might expect, when our team received this very positive news from Richard, we were thrilled and deeply touched. His experience is at the very core of our objectives, and the rationale behind why we do what we do. Yes, we have to structure a company, re-engineer technology, produce a great website, maximize the customer experience, develop a facebook page and twitter account, etc., but the primary reason for doing all of these multi-faceted, and sometimes costly tasks is to help people! To help people with their health and revitalization goals, and to advance the subtle energy revitalization platform into the future; that’s what it is all about.

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Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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