Mental Clarity is Just a (BioCharger™) Session Away

Clayton Laguerre of Next Density Holistic Center of Worcester, Massachusetts is enthusiastic about the results he has been witnessing in his clients ever since he acquired a BioCharger™ NG. Clayton first heard about the BioCharger™ NG from a friend; “I was just blown away by the way it made me feel. It was just a whole new experience.” Although Clayton had no specific health challenges, he immediately noticed that after using the BioCharger™ NG, his state of awareness increased, and his ability to relax, and release mental clutter improved tremendously. “I feel I carry a very high vibration, and I am very sensitive to energy. After using the machine, I noticed an amplification in my vibration and energy. I also noticed my muscle recovery was a lot faster.”

Shortly following his initial session, Clayton purchased a BioCharger™ NG to use at his holistic center, and has been offering Biocharger™ sessions to his clients for the past several months. When asked how he explains this progressive technology to prospective clients, Clayton says that he reminds them that everything is about energy, vibration, and frequencies. He conveys that there are numerous frequencies surrounding us that can throw our bodies out of alignment; such as those coming from computers and cell phones. “Every organ is vibrating on a bandwidth of frequencies and the BioCharger™ NG has a broad spectrum of biocompatible frequencies that help bring about vibrational alignment.”

Clayton typically asks his clients if they have a specific need they would like to address, and will select an appropriate BioCharger™ recipe to run for them. Needs like mental clarity, chakra balancing, and muscle recovery are popular requests, and are directly addressed through the recipe selections. Recently Clayton incorporated a new service that will scan the body in advance and identify major and minor imbalances in organs, organ systems and energy levels. He then uses that information to select specific Biocharger™ recipes to target those imbalances. After the Biocharger™ session is complete, he re-analyzes his clients, and has been amazed to see that most imbalances have been normalized. Clayton is excited to be able to provide tangible evidence of progress to his clients, demonstrating that regular use of the Biocharger™ is supporting their needs from visit to visit.

Clients convey they feel more positive, more motivated, have more energy, experience better sleep and most often, they notice a major improvement in mental clarity. “Many people can’t really stop the thoughts in their minds, so they are always thinking, thinking, thinking and after they use the Biocharger™, they are better able to focus on the “now” and have more mental clarity.” A key recommendation that he makes to all of his clients before they go into a Biocharger™ session, is to “let go” and relax. No books, no cell phones, no distractions. “It makes a big difference in the client getting maximum benefit from the session.” One of his personal favorite recipes happens to be “Brain Tonic.”

You can learn more about the Next Density Holistic Center in Worcester, MA by contacting Clayton at 774-321-0603.  To learn more about the BioCharger™ NG, visit the website:

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BioCharger™ NG Platform includes: complete system w/ electronic user documents; access to myCloud & extensive, ever-growing recipe library (600+ energy/frequency recipes); internet connectivity; 12 plasma tubes; private on-boarding and training sessions; 2 years parts & labor warranty; and 45-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. *Shipping costs not included ($250 in the continental US/per quote basis outside the continental US)

Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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