Sneak Peek of The New BioCharger™ NG MyCloud – Part 1

This is part one, of a two part series, giving you a sneak peek at the coming new BioCharger™ NG MyCloud interface.

MyCloud Dashboard

The Coming Upgrade

There are many aspects of the new BioCharger™ NG that put it in a class of its own. One of those aspects is the powerful and flexible website. Advanced Biotechnologies is proud and excited to announce that a new version of the website is coming soon. Let’s have a sneak peek at what the new myCloud environment will provide the BioCharger™ NG users in the very near future.

The website is the cloud environment, which holds the growing repository of recipes, and allows our customers to manage their BioCharger™ NG devices.Through the site, users can add and remove recipes from the unit, and control a number of other functions related to their device. This cloud system is about to go through a major upgrade, which will offer new and exciting possibilities.

The current version of works very well as a way for customers to see if their device is online, see the authorized and/or owned devices, see notifications of available updates, view the assigned recipes and assigned users, access the control panel in a browser window, move recipes on and off the device, sort recipes by a general tagging system, and mark recipes as favorites, for quick access. While these elements of the myCloud system currently offer revolutionary new capabilities, the new myCloud version is going to make it even more advanced, and user friendly.

Powerful New Sorting Features

The new system adds a unique and more refined way to sort recipes. This will be an important feature moving forward, as our recipe database is approaching 200, and rapidly growing. As our team of subtle energy experts creates recipes weekly, and our growing community of owners create recipes (many of which are experts in their field), the recipe repository is becoming quite impressive. New category and tagging functions will allow advanced sorting of recipes in the new system. The new category sorting is organized under three headings; Persona, Origin and Outcome. Persona is related to the type of customer who is doing the sorting; currently we have Athletics, Mind and Body, and Alternative Therapies. Origin allows sorting by recipe derivation type, which could include the inspiration for the recipe, the research basis for the recipe and/or desired therapy approach. The outcome category will allow for sorting according to the intended outcome that the user is seeking. These three powerful sorting categories will make sorting and finding the right recipe a breeze; even when there are hundreds, and eventually thousands of recipes in the system.

Enhanced New Recipe Descriptions And Rating System

Another new feature in the upcoming BioCharger™ NG myCloud system, will be the new and advanced description area, and the 5 star rating system. After logging into myCloud, the user can click on the recipe button which will display all user accessible recipes currently on the system (i.e., listed recipes are limited/governed by license and certification). Clicking on a recipe will display more detailed information for the selected recipe, giving the user a summary and detailed description of each recipe. Clicking the ‘Details’ button will open a toggle detail view on all listed recipes. The category tags are also neatly shown in the recipe information area, allowing the user to have all the information required to learn more about the recipe. Another nifty feature is the added ability to print out recipes for offline perusal. By simply selecting a recipe and using the print button, the browser will access the computer’s print dialogue which will display options for printing.

That wraps up part one of my two part Sneak Peek blog series. I hope you tune in next week for part two. All of us here at Advanced Biotechnologies are very excited to be so close to releasing this new version of our myCloud system. Our team, especially our software engineer, has been very hard at work and focused on making the BioCharger™ NG the most versatile and powerful subtle energy revitalization platform available. To learn more please contact us today!

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