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Written and submitted by Kim Warner, a customer in the San Diego, CA area:

Recently I was in Dallas, TX at an intensive workshop for business growth. I ate the typical western diet of airport/fast/hotel & restaurant food with “workshop snacks” sprinkled throughout. Sitting in a plastic classroom chair during nine-hour days with minimal breaks, and no walking, left me craving my healthy San Diego lifestyle. I also dearly missed what I call my “life support machine”……my energizing BioCharger NG.

By the time I returned home I knew I was feeling out of sorts physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to see just what one 15 min. session with the BioCharger would do for me. I used my BioWell Electrophotonic Imaging camera to capture “before” and “after” scans of my overall health condition, and wow, was I impressed!

With just one 15 min. session using the “nerve support” recipe, I saw major improvements! Here is the feedback that demonstrates the before and after:

nerve support

BEFORE – Notice the disruptions in the light blue band, which represents the body’s current energy. Energy = 58 Joules
AFTER – The light blue band is in a much healthier, more calm, uniform state. Energy = 63 Joules

Here is the Health Status report, which represents energy re-distribution for different organs and systems. The ORANGE LINE represents the scan I took before my BioCharger session; the PURPLE LINE represents the scan I took 30 minutes after the session.

Although all parameters are within a general healthy range (the green band), there was significant improvement in the nervous system, spine/lumbar/thorax, liver, spleen, immune system and others.

Health Status Report

Finally, notice the immediate alignment (from 83% to 91%), and increase in overall energy (noted by the size) of the energy centers (Chakras).

According to Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, Professor of Physics and developer of the Bio-Well Electrophotonic Imaging camera, this is the most important evaluation, as these centers effect physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.


You may be wondering why the orange, or Sacral Chakra is not in alignment. This energy center represents energy/creativity/sensuality. It remains in the “extrovert” position. I suspect it is because I had just returned from a week long intensive training geared toward motivating business growth, and I was ready to make things happen!

If you are in the San Diego area and would like to see what the BioCharger NG can do for YOU, please visit my website. I’d love to meet you –

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