Subtle Energy Improves Health in Michigan

Biocharger™ NG offers support in recovery plan

You may have heard that subtle energy can improve health.  Many people question whether or not these energies can really help? We have recently received some feedback from a customer who provides some insight to the question. For the past decade, Ann* has been dealing with some very challenging health conditions and has agreed to share her story, with the hope that her successes can be helpful and inspiring to others. Ann was diagnosed with leukemia a number of years ago and has been trying to overcome this challenging diagnosis ever since. Her journey has led her to explore how subtle energy could help improve her health.

One of Ann’s providers understood the effects that subtle energy could have on improving health and wellness, and introduced her to the BioCharger™ NG as part of her treatment strategy.  Dr. Robertson is chiropractic doctor located in Jackson, Michigan and began offering the BioCharger™ NG as an additional wellness service in August of 2016. He recommended that Ann begin sessions on the BioCharger™ NG as part of her treatment plan, and almost immediately she experienced positive effects.  The effects were so evident, that even her traditional medical providers agreed to lower her medications.  She was so impressed with the improvements, that she made the decision to purchase a BioChargerTM NG for her home. Now Ann can conveniently use the BioCharger™ NG whenever she likes, and can also share it with friends and family, so that they too can experience the health improvements associated with using subtle energy.

Talking about the health benefits of subtle energy

Our team interviewed Ann to find out more about how subtle energy has improved her health, and she had some inspiring answers.

Q:  Have you used any other energy systems?
A:  “Yes, I have purchased or tried a few others over the years. The BioCharger™ NG has been far and away a better experience, I believe due to the multiple types of restorative energies it offers.”

Q: What has your experience been like using the BioCharger™ NG?
A: “I enjoy the overall excellent experience with the BioCharger™ NG, and love the ease of use, the powerful user dashboard, and recipe library management system.

With regard to using subtle energy to improve my health, it’s been 9+ years of me trying to get to the third stage, always been stuck in the second stage. Since using the BioCharger™, my numbers have gone into a range where my doctors are considering it to be the remission phase. It’s been 6-7 months now.  In addition, My medicine causes some side effects, and I feel that the BioCharger™ helps me get over those more quickly.”

Q: How often do you use the BioCharger™ NG in your home?
A:  “I use it once a day and my husband uses it five days a week, three days on, then one day off.”

Q: How do you explain the BioCharger™NG to people?
A:  “I explain it to them using the brochure, which describes the benefits and reviews. One panel in the pamphlet shows how it affects cellular voltage.”

Q: What common responses from other people have you had?
A:  “We have had family members and a couple of  friends use it. The biggest thing is that after the first couple of times, they say they feel tired from it.  But we explain to them their body is working through a detox. Then after a short time, they say they get energy from it, and it increases their stamina.”

Q: Do you have any favorite recipes?
A:  “I have been going through many of the various recipes in the BioCharger™ NG myCloud library.  The team continues to add new recipes so it is always exciting to logon and see what is new. The variety of recipes allows you to explore ways that subtle energy improves health.  I really like the recipes named Purify-Recover, and Wellness Sweep.  My husband and I have been trying out different ones.  We use the Harmonic recipes quite a bit. Also, we like the sweep recipes designed to support the liver and kidney, and the Joint Support, and use them quite often.

My brother-in-law has been working on lowering his cholesterol, and uses the Biocharger™ to support his overall approach. My husband and I both have Lyme, and when symptoms creep up, we use the Biocharger™ NG to help. When we feel anxious, we use the Alpha Wave or Alpha Beta Sweep recipe.

My husband has joint stiffness and Lyme, and he’s a workaholic, he just never quits. When he “Biocharges” he feels a noticeable difference and significant relief. In addition, my husband had a recent report from his doctor that was just so positive: his doctor stated that “he has the heart, cardiovascular and respiratory system of an 18 year old.” (He is actually over 60 years old!)

All of us on the team here at Advanced Biotechnologies are so appreciative of customers like Ann who take the time to share their experiences with us, and in turn help others gain insight to the benefits of subtle energy and how these improve health. Thank you Ann for sharing!

*Name changed to maintain privacy.

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