The Birth of the BioCharger™ NG Frequency Recipe

One of the many advances that the BioCharger ™NG brings forth is the capability to process frequency patterns that are programmed into the unit. This capability is possible because of the revolutionary digital design. The frequency patterns are what we call “recipes.” A recipe is typically between 2 to 15 minutes long, and we have found the sweet spot to lie in recipes that are 8-12 minutes in length. The power output of a recipe can also be customized within specific parameters. These developments open the door for the exploration of this new frontier; the subtle energy revitalization platform.recipe_screenshot_4

Complexity Creates Simplicity and Power
It is the complexity behind the BioCharger™NG that makes programmable recipes possible. Many, many hours of highly skilled work, and a tremendous amount of expertise has gone into developing the back end of this technology, so that the user experience can be simple, yet very powerful. The foundation of the BioCharger™NG is the digital circuitry that has been carefully and painstakingly designed to replace the 20th century spark gap design.

Spark Gap vs Digital
The old legacy systems that have been used for the past 100 years rely on the spark gap as the source of the frequencies produced by the technology. In fact, to the best of my knowledge, all of the other units of this type, being produced today by other manufacturers, are still made using spark gap technology. While this yielded excellent results for many, the ability to consistently produce a desired frequency was not present due to the inherent variability of the spark gap design. In addition, the tuning and input of frequencies in these systems is very cumbersome, which makes it difficult to predict the frequency output with any degree of accuracy. When designing the BioCharger™NG, the team at Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC asked themselves the question: What would Tesla, Lakhovsky, Rife, Gurwitsch and others do differently if they were here to take part in the digital era?

The resulting answer to that question is the BioCharger™NG. With the newly invented digital circuitry, which eliminates the spark gap altogether, the capability of accurately producing an output from a digitally controlled and highly programmable input now exists. This is a revolutionary change from what has been previously available. The digital technology allows for a cleaner signal from the power input, all the way through to the output of the energy, frequencies and harmonics being emanated to the recipient.

Coming Full Circle Back to Recipes
It is the digital circuitry and the software that runs on top of that technology that allows for this revolution to take place. At the center of it all, is the invention of the recipe. The recipe, as we define it, is a collection of stages that are stacked, one on top of another. Each stage runs for a set time. Each stage is programmed for frequency and power output. The frequencies programmed into the BioCharger™NG can be for one specific frequency, or a sweep from one frequency to a higher one. Sweeps can be created in narrow, medium or wide patterns. I am sure you can begin to see the possibilities this reveals, and how it truly advances the field of subtle energy technology.

Every BioCharger™NG ships with a starter set of six recipes. But that is just the beginning of the journey. Each BioCharger™NG is connected to a cloud where many more recipes are stored. The cloud system does much more than just store recipes, but I’ll stick to recipes for the purposes of this article. The recipe cloud allows the BioCharger™NG user to move recipes on and off the unit as desired. The Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC team has a dedicated group of professionals ready to assist the customer in understanding the technology, selecting recipes, and becoming adept at using the BioCharger™NG.

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Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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