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 – The BioCharger™ NG is Used for Wellness Research in Sweden

One of our first international customers has grown to be one of our greatest supporters. Robban Palmehed, based in Borlänge, Sweden is using the BioCharger™ NG to help his client base receive the benefits of subtle energy through regularly scheduled sessions, and is also conducting research to study the effects that the BioCharger™ NG has on various conditions.  To date, hundreds of people can credit Robban for introducing them to the benefits of subtle energy.

After spending 25 years working at a steel plant, Robban quit his job in 2013, and began pursuing a full-time career in the natural health arena. When his wife was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer, Robban began to study the voracious disease, and has since dedicated over 9,000 hours of time to cancer studies.  He has been sharing his knowledge with others along the way, and has subsequently witnessed 19 people go into remission after adopting his strategies for wellness.  He summarizes his thoughts on the keys to optimal wellness into 3 main points:

  1. Nutritional balance – Our bodies require nutrition! Vitamins, minerals, enzymes, trace elements, and a bit of herbs are essential to a keeping a body healthy.  Many of us do not get all that we need from the food that we eat, but we need to ensure we are getting these building blocks; without them, it is not possible to repair our bodies when needed.
  2. PH balance – PH balance is the oxygenation we have in our cells and our blood. Most pathogens (viruses, bacteria and fungi) are anaerobic, i.e. they hate oxygen! Cancer (a mushroom) is one of the most anaerobic organisms we have.
  3. Sufficient amount of healthy intestinal bacteria. – Adding probiotics or an organic milk, or acidified vegetables (like cabbage), can be helpful in maintaining proper levels of good small bacteria, which represent a large part of our immune system.

Upon digging deeper into his cancer research, Robban found it inevitable that he encounter the names Royal Raymond Rife, George Lakhovsky, Antoine Prioré and Nikola Tesla.  These legendary geniuses used different frequency technologies back in the 1920’s and 1930’s to treat diseases.  Since the body is bioelectric, it is a good receiver of this form of technology. Robban knows that there are a number of producers of this type of technology out in the world, but has always believed that Jim Girard, inventor of the BioCharger™, has been the most serious. 

The BioCharger™ NG predominantly uses Rife’s MOR-technology, and Robban finds this to be a critical aspect when conducting his studies.  He has run the BioCharger™ NG over 3,000 times on over 215 people.  He has a Biophysicist on staff who does blood analyses on his patients for use in comparisons before and after treatments.  The results he is seeing are very positive and Robban is encouraged to continue his quest for more information.   The BioCharger™ team has created several custom recipes for use in his studies, and Robban is thrilled with the support that the team at Advanced Biotechnologies gives him: “The support I receive from BioCharger™ team is magic, the slightest desire for new recipes is often met within a few days, simply a great team to work with!!”

Robban is making a difference in the lives of his patients, and in the realm of cancer research.  We are proud to be part of his team in Sweden and are prepared to support his efforts in future studies.

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Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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