Client Feature: Aesthetics With Energy


Ewa Long Owner of Aesthetics with Energy Sitting and Smiling In Front of the BioCharger Device

Client Feature: Aesthetics With Energy

Biohacking Aesthetics for Body, Space, & Face

Friends – meet Ewa Long, a long-time BioCharger client, and owner of Aesthetics with Energy in Denver, CO!⁣⁣

“Aesthetic healthcare services are an extension of my prior 15 years of business, owning and operating a Chinese medicine clinic supporting patients. In that clinical setting, I became very proficient at educating clients on how to manage the recovery of a condition and the body’s balance. So, what inspired me to that business ownership was the desire to offer quality, helpful integrative care.

What inspired this aesthetic business is my approach to aesthetics; we have mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aesthetics. I was inspired by the services I was seeking and decided to offer aesthetic services that impact and alter the skin’s cells. I did the training and education for the services I love and for the health and vibrancy of my skin and this guided me to specialize as a “skin exfoliator” and a “cellular influencer’. I offer technical, practical, and purposeful aesthetic services that impact the entire body. ⁣⁣

When I work with the body’s skin, I touch and make a shift from the outside, from the surface of the body, into the body; and the BioCharger makes a touch to the cells from the inside; in the itty-bitty space of the mighty cells, the body is pushing out through the layers and affecting the outside aesthetic. I get to impact layers of aesthetic cells with my high-tech devices and services.”

⁣⁣Ewa offers an extensive aesthetic menu including facials, LED therapy, chemical peels, lymph massages, and many other impactful aesthetic services.⁣⁣

“The BioCharger very quickly became the punctuation mark for how I manage, service, and treat the skin. In my studio, the BioCharger is used during aesthetic, massage, and acupuncture services in addition to private and group sessions. The rhythm of how I do services is now enhanced with the use of the BioCharger. I run it in the background, relying on my intuition and experience of how I want to influence the client’s aesthetic. Clients are very curious even if they cannot fully understand it. I do a lot of informing, I break it down fundamentally, and soon enough, clients are requesting recipes because they have noticed a difference.”

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