Client Feature: Let Go Stress


Client Feature: Let Go Stress

“Step into wellness”

Introducing our fabulous clients in Coral Gables, Florida – Let Go Stress! Founded by Certified Bioenergetics Experts, Rev. Roland Gonzalez and Rev. Beyla Romero, Let Go Stress is a quantum wellness center that is “committed to finding the most advanced quantum wellness technology available in the market to effectively help you restore your physical health and achieve your emotional and spiritual goals to improve your quality of life.”

Let Go Stress offers an impressive selection of quantum wellness technology in addition to the BioCharger including the Rasha, Electro Sound Wave Technology, the AuraCloud, VedaPulse, and much more! Their services focus on detoxification, pain relief, increased energy, depression & anxiety – just to name a few. They also consider themselves to be “the first quantum wellness center for pets” and offer many holistic treatments for furry friends! One of their “employees” is an emotional support pup named Spike whose responsibility is to bring joy to clients. A very important job, indeed!

According to Roland, “our center offers different methods to help balance the vital energy which we need so much to be in harmony from the physical, mental, emotional, psychological, to the spiritual. Through the years we have been searching and adjusting to the new technology and this is how we found Biocharger!”

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