Client Feature: The Life Center Chiropractic


Man Standing on His Head Behind the Working BioCharger Device In The Life Center Chiropractic

Client Feature: The Life Center Chiropractic

“There’s a strongest, most aligned, connected, energized version of you coded, woven, and embedded into the fabric of your cells… into your design. When we are in alignment we express this maximum state of being. Failure to align, failure to connect, failure to achieve your highest potential. We call that a subluxation.”

BioCharger Fam – meet Dr. Jeremy Brook, founder of The Life Center Chiropractic in Los Angeles, CA.

“The Life Center Chiropractic is a human performance enhancement center, a movement and alignment school, and an old fashion chiropractic corrective care center that’s been helping the active lifestyle community of Los Angeles who are struggling and suffering, get out of pain and get back to doing the things that they love to do. We integrate the most advanced chiropractic adjusting technique, with yogic movement sequences, and other spinal corrective modalities.”

The Life Center also offers workshops, continuing education opportunities, and a place to feel part of a community of like-minded individuals in the wellness space.

Jeremy’s first BioCharger experience is one for the books!

“I did the 30-minute program/recipe stacked on top of a 45-minute meditation and let’s just say it was deep! During the Pineal Mastery recipe, I felt tingling in my third eye area that became so strong. It was as if I had a flashlight on my forehead shining a beaming light and it happened a couple of times during the session with the BioCharger. And as I turned my head, the light from my head moved. So the light was coming from me. Having a love and affinity for metaphysics as well as new biohacking technology that’s going to optimize my vibration, I realized that I needed to incorporate the BioCharger in my life for myself.”

We are so grateful for special clients like Jeremy and encourage you to check out his helpful Instagram page.

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Discover the Endless Benefits of BioCharger: Connect with Our Experienced Team Today!