Client Feature: Yoga Body Elements

"The most rewarding is to watch the transformation that happens with clients in the studio, and the positive impact clients share that these services have on their quality of life."

BioCharger Fam, we’d like to introduce you to our friend Cindy Huston, founder of Yoga Body Elements, LLC in Chicago, Illinois. 

Cindy is an E-RYT 200 Yoga Educator, Reiki Master Teacher, Bengston Method Energy Healer & Board Certified Massage Therapist.  She started Yoga Body Elements after 30+ years of personal experience studying and teaching body movement, dance, yoga, meditation, spirituality, massage, and various energy practices around the United States.  She was starting to feel burnt out and felt that she needed to bring her services into one location, both for herself and her clients. She originally moved to Chicago to dance professionally in 2004, and in 2007 she was being drawn into more health and wellness practices. Little did she know that she would be opening her first business location in Chicago years later.

Yoga Body Elements is a friendly boutique yoga and spa studio located in Chicago, IL in Uptown on the border of the Lakeview and Buena Park neighborhoods. Specializing in Restorative Yoga, Mindful Vinyasa, Reiki, 5 Element Massage, Approved Provider Continuing Education, Bengston Method, Meditation, Dance, Hula Hooping, and of course the BioCharger.  Cindy said that the most rewarding part of owning her business “is to watch the transformation that happens with clients in the studio, and the positive impact clients share that these services have on their quality of life.”

Cindy was introduced to the BioCharger in December 2019 at the Tony Robbins event Date With Destiny. Her curiosity peaked because the BioCharger was one of two products at the event that wasn’t Tony Robbins’ merchandise. She has owned a Richway Biomat since 2015, and includes the Biomat service at the studio during massage and Reiki sessions. Her first question was, “What’s so great about the BioCharger compared to the Biomat?” Jim Law, co-founder of BioCharger, replied, “Four hours on a Biomat is equal to 15 minutes in front of a BioCharger NG”. That got her attention!

Additionally, Cindy loved her personal experience with the BioCharger during the event and also what her body processed into a few days after her first BioCharger experience. She knew the BioCharger was going to be part of the Yoga Body Elements studio, but the question was when? The technology seemed very important to have access to during the uncertain times of COVID19 as a tool to maintain optimal health, and she was excited be the first business in Uptown Chicago to offer BioCharger services.

“The BioCharger is a true gift. Like most energy tools, the Biocharger gives the individual what they are needing most through the 1000+ recipes available. The 80+ years of science combined in the BioCharger is incomparable to any PEMF or light therapy. Personally I do a minimum of 30 minutes with the BioCharger daily.”

A message from Cindy:

On Tesla Tuesdays we offer 20% off individual BioCharger sessions!  Anyone who mentions seeing this promotion will receive their first 30 minute session complimentary. Additionally we have been offering 90 minute BioCharger and Reiki or massage combination sessions. Find group pop-up BioCharger sessions on our schedule limited to 6 participants per session.

For more information about the services offered at Yoga Body Elements, visit

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BioCharger NG Platform includes: complete system with electronic user documents; access to myCloud and extensive, ever-growing recipe library (1,000+ energy/frequency recipes); WiFi USB connector and ethernet port; 12 plasma tubes; private on-boarding and training sessions; 1-year parts and labor warranty; and 45-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. Shipping costs are not included ($295 US domestic, TBD for international).

Note: The BioCharger is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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