Educating Beyond the Classroom

Bonnie Koenig had been an elementary school teacher for 15 years, and during her time in the classroom, she noticed that many of her students were not thriving in their environment, and it deeply troubled her. She had been interested in personal health and wellness for a long time, and while still teaching, she spent much of her spare time educating herself on holistic methodologies, natural energies, and frequencies. Bonnie’s research motivations were two-fold: to understand why her students lacked vibrancy, and to address her own ongoing asthma and allergy symptoms, which doctors seemed unable to remedy. 

Taking the Holistic Leap

Four years ago, after 20 years of study and holistic classes, Bonnie felt it was time to make the leap from teaching into the homeopathic field, and has since become a Certified Alternative Health Professional, Certified Functional Naturopath, and BioEnergetic Technician. She started Northern Shores Wellness in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where she is able to help people with their personal health and wellness goals through use of homeopathic remedies, herbs, complementary therapies, and progressive equipment. Bonnie initially scans her clients with a bio-testing device (Qest4) to gain insight into the systems of the body that need to be addressed. With the feedback provided from the scan, Bonnie can develop a targeted protocol using the specific recipes available in the BioCharger library. By using this customized approach, clients often notice change immediately, and are motivated to return for more fine-tuning. Bonnie can also run the scans remotely using a DNA sample, allowing her to make recipe recommendations to fellow BioCharger owners to help them fine tune their bodies and optimize their health.

Bonnie is delighted that she can now help so many individuals, AND more children than she ever could have reached in the classroom. As for her own allergy symptoms, Bonnie is now breathing easier, feeling more energized and mentally clearer. Her favorite recipes are Default, Happy Days, Pineal Mastery Experience, and Immune Strong. 

“I love how the BioCharger seems to simultaneously recharge and calm me. The BioCharger combines several modalities into one machine, making it an effective, versatile tool for my center. It is easy to use, accessible, and just so good for humanity.” -Bonnie Koenig


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