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Streamline your revenue and improve your clients' lives with ease and minimal involvement.

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Grow your business and make a difference for your clients at the same time!

Differentiate yourself and stand out

Get a competitive edge with the first health optimization energy platform that combines four powerful natural energies. Build a community for people seeking relief from daily frustrations and improved overall health and wellness.

Specialized recipes for all your clients' needs.

Power up your offers and provide unique modalities your clients have been yearning for. Allow your clients to experience incredible balance, deep sleep, a boost in energy levels, and mind and body alignment.

Boost your profit and get fast ROI

Run the BioCharger session with minimal operating and labor costs. Serve four-six clients at the same time with minimal involvement. Organize up to four sessions in one hour and let people enjoy the benefits of natural energies on their own.

Skyrocket client satisfaction

Make your clients feel incredible when they come out of your business. Allow them to support the body’s healing potential with natural energies and let them create powerful connections with other clients during group sessions.

All your clients want, in one revolutionary platform


Give your clients the opportunity to experience new levels of vitality and balance. Improve your clients’ lives with the unmatched boost of four natural energies.


Offer your clients an unparalleled approach to enhance the harmony between their mind and body resulting in cellular alignment and optimal health and wellness.


Help your clients unlock new levels of clarity and reach their full potential by harnessing the powerful benefits of natural energies with BioCharger NG.


The BioCharger’s four natural energies will leave your clients feeling rejuvenated and energized after a short 12-15 minute BioCharger session.


Boost clients’ loyalty by offering a solution to the challenges of our modern lifestyles. Help your clients improve their well-being and attain a sense of inner peace.


Improve the sleep quality of your clients with targeted recipes, allowing them to fall into a deep sleep with ease.

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VIP access to myCloud Recipe Library (1,200+ energy/frequency recipes)

$399/year value

Personalized Onboarding and Setup with our Client Success Specialists

$295 value

Wellness Optimization Consultation including Personalized Recipe Guidance

$495 value

Access to Software Updates & Support for 1- year

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