How Do Cells Get Voltage?


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How Do Cells Get Voltage?

“There are many ways that the body is intended to get electrons. However, the modern culture has tended to eliminate most of these sources.” ⁣

In his book ‘Healing is Voltage’, Dr. Jerry Tennant explains that our cells are meant to gain voltage by spending time in nature, “primarily the way our grandparents did it”. Unfortunately due to our modern lifestyles, humans are not increasing their cellular voltage in this way nearly as much anymore. Instead, we’re sitting inside staring at screens, transporting by vehicle rather than foot, and essentially shielding ourselves from the powerful healing energy of nature. That’s just the way that our lives are designed these days.

According to Tennant, “Voltage always moves from an area of higher voltage to an area of lower voltage.” For example – when two living things touch, the being with a lower voltage level will absorb voltage from the being with a higher voltage level. Animals are a perfect demonstration of this – dogs typically have a very high voltage and transmit that to humans by offering them unconditional love, happy energy, and of course lots of licks.  Some other examples of high-voltage items are crystals & gemstones, trees, nutritious food, fresh water, sun…the list goes on. Put simply – get more of those in your life in order to increase your human voltage!

Some common ways that electrons and voltage are taken from the human body are processed food, alcoholic beverages, stressful & negative experiences, spending time with toxic beings, and spending too much time indoors – nothing too surprising. And all things that we can (pretty much) control.⁣

So – our challenge to you today (and every day!) is to be intentional about increasing your cellular voltage and to make at least one slight change in your day to avoid losing voltage. You’ll notice a difference, we promise! ⁣
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