Let’s talk about natural EMFs


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Let's talk about natural EMFs

Natural Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) – By Jim Girard

On the macro as well as the micro level, life is governed by electricity. Starting on planet Earth, there are up to 100 lightning strikes every second or about 8 million per day. The other planets also have atmospheric storms. Larger planets like Jupiter have massive storms. One storm on Jupiter that has been raging for almost 200 years, is 1.3 times the diameter of Earth.

The sun is the largest source of plasma or lightning discharges in our solar systems. Some storms generate lightning discharges that are over 200,000 miles long on the Sun. Some of these storms are so powerful they  can disrupt power, satellite, and communication on Earth 92 million miles away. Outside of our solar system is the largest source of EMF.

Even our cells are governed by electricity. Research at University  of Michigan measured up to 15 million volts per meter with specialized nano volt meter deep within the cell (read more here). These critical charges drive cellular function for uptake of nutrients, detoxification, and most importantly make new cells better.

Our bodies are constantly making new cells. On average our bodies are making between 2-3 million cells per second. Critical for healthy cells to split is proper cell voltage at resting potential.

Other functions such as uptake in nutrients and detoxification are also driven by voltage. In order for cells to uptake nutrients, there must be sufficient charge across the cell membrane to cause the cell membrane to gate delivering nutrients to the cell and remove toxins.

External electric fields can also affect cellular voltage. The cell membrane is an excitable membrane, much like an electrical insulator or dielectric, the cell membrane resists current flow. As voltage is increased across the membrane the cell membrane is stressed, increasing current flow creating ion channels. Once these ion channels are opened, the electrochemistry of the cell turns on. Ion channel size controls ion type. Varying output, frequency, or duty cycle can create different types of ion channels to deliver  different nutrients to the nucleus of the cell.

From the farthest reaches of the universe to the nucleus of the cell, everything is electric. These electric forces impact cellular health. External electric forces can also impact cellular health. A better understanding of these forces will lead to better tools for optimum cellular health.

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