Let’s Talk About The Vagus Nerve

"Align light or energy up your spine."

Let’s Talk About The Vagus Nerve
If you have ever done meditation, yoga, or another form of energy work you will often hear the phrase “align light or energy up your spine.” Have you ever considered why?⁣
Fun fact: the Vagus Nerve is actually made up of two nerves but is referred to as a singular form. The nerve extends from your head to your abdomen and performs a crucial role in the parasympathetic nervous system. It is the communicator for many bodily functions including mood, immune response, gut health, and heart rate. It is also the longest cranial nerve in the human body.⁣
So – when you are aligning your energy, what you are actually doing is bringing awareness into your Vagus Nerve to help increase your Vagal Tone. Having a higher Vagal Tone means that your body can respond faster after feeling stress. We know for a fact that stress creates a multitude of physical responses in our body so the easier our recovery, the healthier we stay.⁣
Want to work on your Vagal Tone right now?⁣
Try this:⁣
  • Close your eyes.⁣
  • Imagine a glowing light extending from the top of your head out through your tailbone.⁣
  • Take 3 deep breaths. Really deep into your diaphragm. Expand your ribs outward with each breath and exhale slowly.⁣
  • Try and do around 6 breaths a minute for 5 minutes. ⁣
That’s It! Easy, right?⁣
Want to CHARGE your experience? ⁣
Try doing these Vagal Tone exercises with the following BioCharger recipes:⁣
  • Vagal Tone⁣
  • Nirvana⁣
  • Nerve Support⁣
  • Parasympathetic Balance⁣
  • Serotonin Infusion
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