Living With Intention

"Energy flows where intention goes."

Let’s talk about setting intentions!

Starting your day or week by setting an intention – or something that you plan to actively focus on – can make a big difference in how it plays out.  Consciously stating (out loud or internally) your intention – whether it’s patience, focus, productivity, self-love, etc. – will subtly send energy to that area and make an impact on your mindset.  And your mindset can certainly change the outcome of our day, dontcha think?


New to the practice of intention-setting?

Here are some easy ones that you can start with ~

I will be focused this week.

I will express gratitude this week.

I will be forgiving this week (of myself and others).

I will practice self-love this week.

I will challenge myself this week.

I will have an open mind this week.


As the quote states – energy will flow where your intentions go – so the more that you think about and repeat your intentions, the more alive they will become.

Setting intentions can be as easy as asking yourself from bed each morning ‘what am I going to focus on today?’.  Bonus points for writing them down!  You might be surprised by how different your day will be.

Ok, so take time now – just for a second – to set an intention for the rest of your day.  You’ll be happy that you did!

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