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Earth Day 2021

The Earth’s natural frequency is 7.83 Hz, the same average alpha frequency of the human brain. Coincidence? We think not!
Alpha waves, one of the five main categories of brain waves, induce relaxation and an overall sense of peace – similar to what most of us feel when we’re in nature. When we’re in nature, our bodies more easily tune into the into the Earth’s frequency and can restore, revitalize, and heal themselves more effectively.
The Earth behaves like a gigantic electric circuit. Its electromagnetic field surrounds and protects all living things with a natural frequency pulsation of 7.83 hertz on average, or what is also know as the “Schumann Resonance”.
As researchers looked deeper into the relationship between the Earth’s frequency and the brain, it turns out that tuning our brain waves to the planet’s vibration not only has a positive impact on our wellbeing, but it might be connected to the beginning of life itself.
Dr. Wolfgang Ludwig, one of the most influential researchers when it comes to the Earth’s frequency, discovered that while the Earth’s vibration could be clearly measured in nature and in the ocean, it was almost impossible to measure in the city, where manmade signals such as radios, TVs, cars, buildings, phones, and the like override natural signals.

With this idea in mind, Ludwig invented something for his mother who suffered with uncomfortable symptoms caused by certain weather phenomena such as low pressure and high winds. Her symptoms were often so strong that she had absolutely no energy and could hardly move. In 1974, Ludwig created a small magnetic pulser, imitating the Earth’s magnetic fields. It was a small hand-held box, which emitted the Schumann frequency of 7.83 hertz. Then, something amazing happened — as soon as his mother applied the device to her solar plexus or on the back of her neck, the symptoms disappeared.
Solid research shows that everything alive responds to the subtlest changes in the magnetic and electromagnetic fields surrounding it.
You can create Schumann Resonance yourself! All you need is your body, your brain, a little bit of space and some music.
This simple technique is called brain-wave vibration and will help you tune back to your natural rhythm. The exercise uses vibrations in the body to change the vibrations in the brain, creating waves that resonate properly with the rest of your bodily functions. Through the gentle rhythms created in the body, you will release bodily tension and bring your brain toward a calm, comfortable state.
In its simplest form, brain-wave vibration just involves moving your body freely to its own internal rhythm while focusing on a particular intention or just your body’s sensations. Music is a bonus! A session can be just a few minutes up to a half hour.
Happy Earth Day, Fam! 
Source: Brain World Magazine
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