Connect, Control, and Optimize

the BioCharger NG with myCloud.

Tailor your BioCharger NG experience with myCloud! Download recipes, stay up-to-date with the latest updates, and bring your wellness journey to the next level!

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Working BioCharger Device on a Transparent Background
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Effortlessly manage your BioCharger NG platform with our easy-to-use dashboard.

Gain access to the latest updates, organize users, and manage the BioCharger NG settings - all in a few clicks.

Access new updates

Maximize the effectiveness of your BioCharger NG platform by leveraging cutting-edge technology and keeping it current with the latest software updates.

User management

Manage your BioCharger NG with customizable user roles - perfect for families and businesses!

Control panel

Manage your BioCharger NG platform remotely. Access your control panel from any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone via a web browser to run recipes, adjust settings, and connect your BioCharger NG to Wi-Fi.

Multi-unit control

Manage one or one hundred BioCharger NG units with ease. Access and control multiple units from one centralized location - your dashboard!

BioCharger My Cloud DashBoard with Assigned Recipes
Recipe Management

Get access to a growing recipe list of 1200+ frequency and energy programs.

Discover the benefits of the BioCharger NG and the vital energies of PEMF, light, sound, and voltage customized to target specific areas of the body and achieve desired outcomes.

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Explore an extensive library

Gain access to over 1200 recipes designed to alleviate daily irritations, enhance sleep quality, boost athletic performance, increase energy levels, accelerate recovery, and improve cognitive abilities.

Simplified search

Easily find recipes that you are interested in with advanced filters. Best of all, every recipe gives you an overview of the rating, duration, and number of stages, making exploring recipes simple and fun.

Download your recipes

Access all the recipes from myCloud to your BioCharger NG platform within minutes.

Simplify organization

Save time and keep your recipes organized and easily accessible. Keep your favorite recipes in dedicated collections.


A health optimization platform that never stops evolving and improving!

What makes the BioCharger NG truly unique is that it’s an open platform, meaning researchers and practitioners worldwide can contribute their own recipes to our ever-growing community of users. Our team thoroughly vets each recipe before it is released, so our community has access to only the most effective recipes.

We believe that the best way to optimize health is to tap into the collective knowledge and expertise of researchers and practitioners from all over the world. The BioCharger NG’s community-oriented approach makes that possible. By doing so, we are able to continuously improve and expand our library of recipes, offering our users a constantly evolving and ever-improving health optimization experience.

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Support and Client Success

Get experts on your side to ensure amazing results.

At BioCharger, we are committed to providing exceptional client support and success. Our client success team is dedicated to guiding you through every step of your journey, from setting up your BioCharger NG platform to optimizing your experience and everything in between. 

Whether you have one BioCharger NG unit or a hundred, our top-notch client success team is here to help. Our expertise is to deliver prompt solutions to any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring a seamless experience every time.

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A Client Success Team behind you!

Restore and energize your body with the BioCharger NG!

Enhance your life with the first health optimization platform that combines four natural energies simultaneously.

10-15 minutes is all you need

Get all the vital natural energies your body needs without changing your lifestyle. The BioCharger NG allows you to do it in 10-15 minute sessions.

Save time by stacking energies

Experience four natural energies at the same time. Utilize the cutting-edge technology that the BioCharger provides and maximize your efficiency.

Target, optimized, scalable frequency programs

Take advantage of 1200+ frequency and energy programs or BioCharger recipes to ease daily irritations, boost energy, enhance mindfulness, and perform at the highest level.

myCloud Ecosystem

Manage your BioCharger NG platform effortlessly. Get access to frequency and energy programs and receive new upgrades to optimize your platform over time.

Our BioCharger Family

Get the BioCharger NOW and save $1,394 with exclusive bonuses

BioCharger NG Health Optimization Platform

Unlimited myCloud Recipe Library with updates for twelve months

Exclusive Pre-Loaded Collection of Wellness-Optimized Recipes

Zoom Setup and Onboarding Session with Client Success Specialist

50-Minute Virtual Advanced Wellness Consultation with a Health Optimization Specialist

Basic Parts and Labor Warranty for twelve months

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Experience the Future of Wellness and Save!

Discover the Endless Benefits of BioCharger: Connect with Our Experienced Team Today!

Experience the Future of Wellness and Save!

Discover the Endless Benefits of BioCharger: Connect with Our Experienced Team Today!