Compare the PEMF 120 to the BioCharger™ NG

With the sheer number of Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency (PEMF) devices on the market, it can be difficult to make an educated decision. Check out our point for point comparison below to see how two popular devices, the PEMF 120 and the BioCharger™ NG, compare against one another.

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FeaturedBioCharger™ NGPEMF 120
Strong Voltage700 microTesla1.5 Tesla
Wide Rage Frequencies (7Hz-50,000 kHz)
Magnetic Field Strength700 micro Tesla2 Tesla
Biorhythm Frequencies
Brainwave and Earth Based Frequencies
Uses Square Waves for Harmonics and Frequencies
Harmonics and Frequencies up to Gigahertz and Beyond
Variable Duty Cycle
Electric Field and Magnetic Field
Programmable Pulsed Modulation of Duty Cycle, Voltage, Time and Pulsed Frequency
Custom Programming of Harmonics and Frequencies
Light and Sound
Wirelessly Broadcast Energy to User
12 Individual Plasma Tubes
Toroidal Coil
Wi-Fi or Ethernet Connected for Upgrades and New Recipes
Community Inspired Recipes Available For All Users
Software Updates
ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing
Programmable Recipes
Simultaneous photonic electromagnetic & electrostatic energies
Dedicated Expert Customer Technical Support
45 Day Money Back Guarantee
Wide Range Voltage Control
Manufactured in USA

PEMF 120

There are a number of high intensity PEMF (Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Frequency) devices on the market today, including the BioCharger™ NG, that generate upwards of 1.5 -2 Tesla magnetic field strength in a very short order of time. One of the differences that the BioCharger™ NG offers is the fact that the magnetic field coil is safely placed inside the enclosure. Other high intensity PEMF devices, such as the PEMF-120, place the coils next to the body. The strength of the magnetic field weakens substantially the further away one measures from the coil. The magnetic field strength measurement outside of the enclosure of the BioCharger™ NG is very safe and mimics the Earth’s magnetic field strength.

The BioCharger™ NG can pulse at high frequencies, unlike other high intensity PEMF devices, such as the PEMF-120. The BioCharger™ NG can generate a square wave pulse frequency of up to 50,000 hertz, where the PEMF-120 is designed to operate from 1 to 50 hertz. It is the outdated spark gap design that the PEMF-120 uses, that limits the frequency range. The BioCharger™ NG uses a solid state design instead of the spark gap. Earlier versions of the BioCharger™ NG also used the spark gap design, which limited the frequency of those older models. With the all-digital solid state and software controlled design, the BioCharger™ NG can produce a much wider spectrum of frequencies and harmonics, with a very high degree of fidelity.

As different pulsed frequencies are generated, a new set of harmonics and frequencies are generated. The BioCharger™ NG can rapidly vary this pulse frequency to create a new set of harmonics and frequencies. Over a 15 minute session, the BioCharger™ NG can generate 900 sets of harmonics and frequencies. Other high intensity PEMF systems, such as the PEMF-120, require the operator to adjust the pulse frequencies, and is limited to just 50 hertz.

The BioCharger™ NG also has a high voltage component to it. The high voltage allows the broadcasting of more energy than the lower voltage capable systems. In addition, the BioCharger™ NG also has a visible light component. Unlike any other high intensity PEMF device available today, the BioCharger™ NG uses 12 spectrum lights to generate frequencies in the visible light spectrum. Life does not exist without light, and it is now known that light is an important part of the communication within, and between cells.

The PEMF-120 has only one program, where the BioCharger™ NG is fully programmable, as a result of the revolutionary new digital design. With more than 100 energy revitalization recipes in the system, and more being developed every week, the BioCharger™ NG is the most flexible and customizable unit of its kind on the market today. Many users have even created their own recipes, inspired through song, intuition, sacred geometry, or personal experimentation, and/or expertise. These recipes can be shared within the rapidly growing community of BioCharger™ NG subtle energy revitalization platform (SERP) enthusiasts.

A few other advantages of the BioCharger™ NG system are listed below:

  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • The BioCharger™ NG can be operated from any network connected device such as an iPad, tablet, smart phone, laptop or desktop computer.
  • Software updates can be easily performed via download from any network connected device, or directly from the unit.
  • Access to a large body of subtle energy revitalization recipes; recipes can be moved on and off the unit in just a few clicks.
  • The capability of creating custom energy revitalization recipes.

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BioCharger™ NG Platform includes: complete system w/ electronic user documents; access to myCloud & extensive, ever-growing recipe library (600+ energy/frequency recipes); internet connectivity; 12 plasma tubes; private on-boarding and training sessions; 2 years parts & labor warranty; and 45-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee. *Shipping costs not included ($250 in the continental US/per quote basis outside the continental US)

Note: The BioCharger™ is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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