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Features*BioCharger NGPhoton Genie
Strong Voltage
Wide Range Frequencies (7Hz-50,000 kHz)
Programmable Pulsed Modulation
12 Individual Plasma Tubes
Toroidal Coil
Maintenance Free
(Solid State vs Spark Gap or Vacuum Tube)
Software Updates
ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturing
Programmable Recipes
Self-tuning, solid state, digital design
Simultaneous photonic electromagnetic & electrostatic energies
Dedicated Expert Customer Technical Support
Warranty 1 year + 45-day money-back guarantee1 Year Partial
Wide Range Voltage Control0 - 600,000 VoltsNo
Recalibration needed?No. Self-tuningYes
Price$16,990 for the complete system$3000.00

Photon Genie

The Photon Genie, invented by Ed Skilling, is an energy therapy device that is based on the works of Rife, Lakhovsky and Tesla. The Photon Genie generates frequencies and harmonics from bulbs (Energy Wands), in the visible and non-visible spectrum. Each of the two bulbs (wands) contain the same gases mixed in a proprietary blend and are unchangeable.

The Photon Genie pulse modulates with one preset frequency of 728 hertz, using a carrier wave of 28 megahertz. Although this is a popular Rife frequency, it only produces one set of harmonics and frequencies. This significantly reduces the chance that the correct and most beneficial harmonic is generated. The Photon Genie is considered a high voltage device, but the voltage output is limited to 10,000 volts.

The two bulbs, or Energy Wands, are held in each hand and the energy flows from the bulbs through the hands into the rest of the body. One drawback to this design is that the user must make contact with the Photon Genie. There is the possibility that the skin may become irritated or even burned due to the direct contact, which could also prevent, or inhibit, more energy from being absorbed by the body. Although the Photon Genie can vary in intensity, most users do not like the heating of the tissue at the higher settings.

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BioCharger NG Platform includes: complete system with electronic user documents; access to myCloud and extensive, ever-growing recipe library (1,000+ energy/frequency recipes); WiFi USB connector and ethernet port; 12 plasma tubes; private on-boarding and training sessions; 1-year parts and labor warranty; and 45-day, money-back satisfaction guarantee. Shipping costs are not included ($395 US domestic, TBD for international).

Note: The BioCharger is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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