“Tesla’s Legacy and Impact on the BioCharger”

By Jim Girard

I am often asked who inspired me to build the BioCharger. Nikola Tesla. I was first introduced to the works of Nikola Tesla in 1986 at an organic farm conference. From that point on, I began to read everything I could about this mystical person. Tesla, the man who was courted by billionaires and famous people, yet died penniless in his motel room. The man who was but a whisper in the history books, contributed to the 20th century more than any other human. 

His pioneering work in radio led to many patents later to be stripped away by Marconi. This led to the Great Radio Controversy that lasted over 40 years, until after Tesla died.  Later, as in a footnote in this great American tragedy, the Supreme Court and the patent office reinstated Tesla, the original inventor of radio.  No great announcement, no rewriting of history books, no royalties on use of his technology by RCA, just a minor detail. 

His battle with Edison over AC versus DC power was equally tragic. Also known as the “War of the Currents”.  His AC motor design brought electricity to the world. His original agreement with Westinghouse would have made him the richest man in the world. Tesla rescinded his deal with George Westinghouse to protect his friend.  All told he sold it for $250,000. Later GE and Westinghouse Inc, both owned by JP Morgan, made and continue to make billions of dollars a year.  

His pioneering work in High Voltage High-Frequency Transformers is legendary and to this day has never been repeated. His dream of transmitting power using radio waves and no wires became fully realized.  The man who wrestled lightning bolts from the sky. Still black and white photos of this mythical machine that produced 135-foot lightning sparks 12,000 off the top of Pikes Peak in 2 hours.  It was seen and heard 26 miles away.  This was in 1899, before radio, before TV, before cars.

Tesla’s last hurray was in 1901 in Wharencliffe, NY.  He again built a massive transmitter like he had in Colorado Springs and attached a large antenna on top of it to eliminate the lightning discharges. Rumor had it he lit up the Eastern Seaboard as if it was day in the middle of the night. Once JP Morgan realized what Tesla built, Morgan realized he would be out of business.  Power, anywhere without wires would make his AC system with electricity using wires obsolete.  To make things worse for Morgan, it could not be metered.  Anyone with an antenna could pick it up for free.  He could not take control of the technology and charge for it. This signaled the end of the love affair with Tesla.  After Morgan pulled out, Tesla was finished. No one ever invested in him again.  Although certain benefactors paid for Tesla’s hotel room he lived in and helped meet any financial obligations, he died alone, penniless.

At this point, the FBI had a serious interest in Tesla and confiscated all of his belongings including notes, and research.  Conspiracy theories are abound with what happened to his research.

His over 600 patents covered motor design, wireless transmission, efficient lighting,  power transmission, radio, turbines, ignitions systems for cars and many more.    

These stories about Tesla still drive me today. The world of possibility. We see this energy all around us. Literally, 100 lightning strikes on the planet every second for the taking. What did Tesla understand that science has not found? The future will only know.

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