The Electric Universe

Life is governed by electricity at both the micro and macro level.

Starting on planet Earth, there are up to 100 lightning strikes every second, totaling over 8 million strikes per day.  Other planets within our Solar System also have atmospheric storms. On Jupiter, one storm has been raging for almost 200 years, and its mass has reached 1.3 times the diameter of Earth. The sun is the largest source of plasma and lightning discharges in our Solar System. Some Sun storms generate lightning discharges that are over 200,000 miles long, and are so powerful that they can disrupt power, satellite, and communication on Earth – over 92 million miles away. 
Electricity doesn’t just affect they environments we live in, our Planet, or our galaxy – it even affects our bodies at the cellular level.
Research at University of Michigan measured up to 15 million volts-per-meter with specializednano volt meter deep within the cell. These critical charges drive cellular function for uptaking nutrients, detoxification, and, most importantly, cellular regeneration. Our bodies are constantly making new cells, at a rate of 2-3 million cells per second; but in order for our body to be regenerating HEALTHY cells, our cells must have adequate voltage at resting potential.  Other functions such as uptake in nutrients and detoxification are also driven by this voltage.  In order for cells to uptake nutrients, there must be sufficient charge across the cell membrane, in order for the excitable cellular membrane to ‘gate’, delivering nutrients to the cell and removing toxins.

We have found that these external electric fields can have a profound affect on cellular voltage. 

The cell membrane is an excitable membrane,  much like an electrical insulator or dielectric, the cell membrane resists current flow.  As voltage is increased across the membrane, the cell membrane is stressed. This increases current flow, and creates ion channels.  Once these ion channels are opened, the electrochemistry of the cell turns on.  Ion channel size controls each ion type. Varying output, frequency, or duty cycle on the BioCharger can create different types of ion channels to focus delivery of specific nutrients to the nucleus of the cell; which positively affects its Voltage. From the farthest reaches of the universe to the nucleus of the cell, everything is electric, and these electric forces impact our cellular health.  A better understanding of these forces will lead to better tools for optimum cellular health, and overall wellness!

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