The Importance of Grounding Your BioCharger


The Importance of Grounding Your BioCharger

Grounding is important from an operational and safety standpoint. Insufficient earth grounding can be a safety hazard and may damage your BioCharger voiding the warranty.

What is electrical grounding?

Electrical grounding provides an alternate route for current to flow down to the ground if there is a fault in the wiring system. Thus, it creates a physical connection between the ground and any electrical equipment or appliances in your home.

Use a grounding tester to make sure your outlets are grounded and when in doubt, we strongly recommend that you have an electrician come and check your home and/or office grounding if there is any doubt.  The electrician needs to ensure proper installation of earth ground rod as close to your distribution box and home/premises as possible.  We have seen many instances where even new homes are not properly grounded.

If you have a two-prong outlet, never use an adapter and have an electrician come to install earth ground.  The BioCharger relies on a solid ground connection, if your outlets aren’t grounded, you could ruin the BioCharger, which would be considered an outside source of interference, and is therefore not within warranty parameters.

A standard 110-Volt/15-Amp electrical outlet with a verified working earth ground is required. At peak power, your BioCharger NG can draw up to 1100W.  

International specs: 120V/240V 1100 Watts

Simply tying the ground of the electrical outlet to neutral is NOT sufficient. If you use the BioCharger NG on an improperly grounded outlet, you run the risk of:

  • Damaging the BioCharger NG

  • Damaging other electrical equipment connected to other electrical outlets (even those outside of the room and on other electrical circuits)

  • Creating a potentially hazardous environment

  • Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC WILL NOT warranty a BioCharger NG that is currently known to be, or has been discovered to be, connected to a KNOWN, OR DISCOVERED AS, an incorrectly grounded outlet

  • Arc-type circuit breakers are prone to tripping when running high-power recipes, especially in locations where earth/ground lugs/wires are not sufficiently tight, or lacking

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