"Life is what happens between WiFi signals."

How often do you truly “unplug”?  You know, put your phone away (no, your pocket doesn’t count), disconnect from work and the outside world, and experience true presence?  Most of our lives (and livelihoods) are dictated by our phones and constant connection to media, news, email, and a never-ending stream of information.  How often do you truly unplug?

You might be thinking “nice try- my job, family, and life depend on my ability to be available and plugged in so I can’t just disconnect from what’s going on around me!” 

And hey- you might be right, it might not be possible for you to 100% unplug.  But are you willing to explore some options that are close?

The benefits of unplugging are big and not doing so can have a significant impact on both your mental and physical health.  Staying “on” 24/7 can burn you out, create mental fatigue, negatively impact your relationships, cause significant health problems – the list goes on.  It’s important to practice presence and to look inward once in a while, which are typically pretty hard when you’re staring at a screen.

How can you unplug when it’s such a huge part of your life, you ask?  Here are some easy, simple ways that can make a bigger impact than you might expect ~


-Commit to leaving your phone in the other room during dinnertime.

-Switch your phone to ‘do not disturb’ mode after a certain time each night.

-Leave your phone in your purse or backpack when you’re out and about and need some time to spend by yourself or with others.

-Keep your phone in the car when you’re at an event with family or friends.

-Take a family trip to a place that doesn’t have cell service (camping, for instance).

-Intentionally tell your coworkers that you are not available after a certain time each night.


Here’s our challenge to you – try one of these tips this weekend, even if it’s just for an hour, and truly reflect on how it felt to let go for a little while.  You might be surprised by the difference that it makes!

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