UnWired Newsletter December 2023


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UnWired Newsletter December 2023



Boston Thermography Center

Your Tube Questions Answered!

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Dear BioCharger Family,

As we close another year, I am filled with immense gratitude and pride for the incredible journey we’ve shared. This year has been marked by continuous growth and development, not just for our team but for every member of the BioCharger community.

Our commitment to educating and empowering each client to optimize the BioCharger for their specific health and wellness objectives remains at the forefront of our mission. We understand that each individual’s journey toward health and wellness is unique, and we are thrilled to have supported these personalized paths with the addition of more than 110 new recipes this year, bringing our total to an impressive 1412. These recipes are the heartbeat of our technology, allowing users to tailor their BioCharger experience to their specific needs.

To our business clients – your dedication to introducing the BioCharger to your members, patients, and clients, and educating your staff, has been instrumental in our growth. We recognize and appreciate your efforts in expanding the reach and impact of the BioCharger. Your success is our success, and we are committed to continuing our support, ensuring you have all the tools and knowledge needed to thrive.

We are especially thankful for our clients, whose trust and engagement have been the driving force behind our progress. Your feedback, stories of transformation, and enthusiasm for the BioCharger inspire us every day to innovate and improve.

As we look ahead, we are excited to continue building the BioCharger community. Our promise to you is unwavering – we will remain steadfast in our commitment to excellence, innovation, and support. Together, we will make the upcoming year even more remarkable.

Thank you for being an integral part of the BioCharger family. Here’s to a healthy, prosperous, and electrifying new year!

James Law


Elevating Health Beyond Boundaries at Boston Thermography Center

We’re thrilled to introduce you to the Boston Thermography Center. Owner and founder Karen Kelleher’s journey towards holistic wellness extends far beyond business—it’s deeply rooted in a personal mission driven by compassion and loss. Established over a decade ago, the Boston Thermography Center emerged from personal adversity, fueling a passion to prevent similar tragedies through proactive health measures. With a background in high tech and a growing expertise in natural medicine, Karen sought alternative pathways to empower individuals in taking charge of their health journeys.

The core ethos of the center revolves around early detection and proactive approaches to wellness, acknowledging the pivotal role environmental factors play in health imbalances. Integrating thermography, vital energies, quantum biofeedback, and biomagnetic pair therapy forms the foundation of the center’s services, guiding clients toward a state of balance and vitality.

Expanding Horizons with Cutting-Edge Technology: The BioCharger Experience

Enter the BioCharger! Recognizing the immense potential of this advanced technology, the Boston Thermography Center embraced the BioCharger as a catalyst for enhancing their clients’ wellness journeys. What initially began as a serendipitous encounter during a BioCharger open house swiftly transformed into an understanding of its transformative energy and potential.

The BioCharger, with its specific frequency-based recipes, seamlessly integrated into the center’s repertoire of services. Clients found themselves immersed in an energizing experience that complemented various wellness routines and therapeutic sessions offered by the Boston Thermography Center.

Beyond its technical functionalities, the BioCharger became a symbol of community and support. Whether designing personalized wellness programs or encouraging group sessions, the center aimed to create an environment where people felt a tangible difference in their overall well-being.

Boston Thermography Center continues to evolve, expand, and innovate, offering an array of holistic services while seamlessly incorporating the BioCharger into its wellness tapestry, including:

  • Biomagnetic Pair Therapy
  • Infrared Sauna
  • EESystem
  • Ionic Foot Bath

And much more!

If you’re located in the greater Boston area, we urge you to visit Karen and the Boston Thermography Center.


While the BioCharger is made up of over 700 components, the spectrum tubes are arguably the most “eye-catching” part of the BioCharger experience. We receive numerous inquiries regarding the tubes each day.

Our dedicated research and development team was able to take the time to delve into some of your most pressing questions regarding the spectrum tubes. Below, you’ll find the frequently asked questions along with the answers!

Why are some of my tubes very bright, and others are not at all?

Let’s start with the most pronounced difference, visible light emission. The composition of each individual gas determines its unique spectrum of wavelengths and intensity. For example, Neon and Xenon have different wavelengths, causing Neon to appear much more intense.

We noticed that two of the tubes rarely light up and glow, shouldn’t they all light up to roughly the same brightness?

The output voltage from the BioCharger is known to influence the way the bulbs light up. For instance, during certain recipes, the bulbs may dim, with some even going out completely. This is attributed to the controlled output voltage of the BioCharger and its settings (low, normal, or boost). Lower voltages might be insufficient to ignite some of the tubes, yet high enough for other gases to dimly light. The minimum voltage required varies depending on the gas itself; for instance, neon typically has a lower ignition voltage than xenon.

The gas is not filling up the whole tube and just flickers, is this ok?

While humans don’t thrive under pressure, spectrum tubes certainly do! In fact, pressure is essential for the spectrum tube to produce its characteristic light. Varied pressures, whether higher or lower, can result in different visual effects. For instance, increased pressure can yield brighter lighting but might cause jagged or flickering lines. On the contrary, lower pressure may result in a less illuminated display.

Why is one of my tubes brighter than the other of the same type of gas?

The method of creating that pressure is a critical step in crafting these tubes. Redesigning our tubes to eliminate the electrode enabled the team to eradicate potential sources of leakage, such as the electrode and end cap. Factors like the cooling duration and sealing technique can significantly impact of the final outcome. How the tubes are sealed can introduce subtle variations in pressure, thus influencing the appearance of the bulb, but not the performance. Each of our tubes undergoes meticulous handcrafting, resulting in unique, subtle differences.

Why are we noticing that the new tubes are not as bright as they once were?

Light can significantly transform the appearance of spectrum tubes. The perception of color can vary based on the viewing angle. Additionally, the reflection from the coil or the presence of lights from adjacent tubes can alter their apparent color. Both natural background lighting and indoor lighting can also influence how the tubes appear.

My original style tubes seemed brighter, what’s going on?

It’s crucial to note that the tubes’ appearance can also be influenced by their physical design. When a greater concentration of gas is confined within a smaller area, it produces a distinct visual effect. For instance, in the original tubes, the ends had a different diameter than the middle section. Despite maintaining uniform pressure throughout the tube, the varied diameters caused light concentration to differ. The radius of curvature in the glass can also play a role, making the smaller diameter appear brighter or even displaying a different color within the same tube.

Overall, the most important takeaway is that your BioCharger remains as effective as ever! The variations in color and light DO NOT diminish your ability to receive the benefits of the BioCharger. It’s essential to remember that light is just one of four unique energies emitted during each session.


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