What Causes a Fluorescent Bulb to Illuminate?

Why does a fluorescent bulb illuminate when it's held next to an active BioCharger?

Here’s what our inventor, Jim Girard, has to say!
The BioCharger utilizes a variety of gases (six, to be exact) such as Neon, Argon, Xenon, and Krypton which are included inside the spectrum tubes that wrap around the center Tesla Coil. The interaction between those gases and the Mercury Vapor inside of fluorescent bulbs is what causes the bulb to light up.
Typically with regular fluorescent bulb fixtures there is a transformer connected to the bulb that ionizes the gases in the tube producing photons of light (or causing the bulb to illuminate). With the BioCharger NG, high voltage and high frequency are ionizing the surrounding air, making the air conductive (like a wire). Transmitting high voltage and high frequency wirelessly (or through your body) to the bulb is what causes it to light up. Talk about a show-stopping party trick! 
Have you tried this experiment with the BioCharger?
Pro tip: it’s the perfect way to demonstrate the frequencies that are being emitted by the BioCharger while it’s running, even though you can’t see them. 
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Note: The BioCharger is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease, in man or other animals.

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