Georges Lakhovsky was a Russian born scientist, philosopher, and inventor who wrote The Secret of Life.  His theory was “every living being radiates and emits EMF.” He believed that life is the dynamic equilibrium of all cells and the harmony of multiple radiations, which react upon one another.  He also believed that disease is the oscillatory disequilibrium of the cell, originating from external causes.  It is more importantly the struggle between microbic radiation and cellular radiation.  If microbic radiation is predominant, then disease is the result, and when vital resistance is overcome, death occurs. If cellular radiation becomes the ascendent, then restoration of health follows.

Lakhovsky also looked at the source for this cellular radiation as being atmospheric discharges, solar radiation, and cosmic rays.  Lakhovsky attempted to prove the validity of his theory by studying the astral radiation (sunspots, comets, planetary lightning discharges) on living systems. His observations were based on the curves of graphs drawn by astrophysicists of the Meudon Observatory, collecting data since 1845 on sunspots and the incidence of other cosmic activity.  

Lakhovsky discovered that there was a correlation existing between sunspots and cosmic activity and the development of vital activity in plants and animals.  As in the case any given individual periods of fatigue and disease alternate with periods of good health, do too, with fruits and crops in general, there are, for every kind of product, years of good quality and years of poor  quality.   With regards to wine, the remarkable years correspond exactly with a maximum of activity in solar flares and cosmic rays.

Lakhovsky wrote about the benefits of grounding.  At night time, he suggested connecting to the soil by means of an appropriate earth connection and lie across the wire at night, and in the daytime add a metallic plate in soles of shoes to connect to earth. Lakhovsky also postulated the constitution of an electric oscillating circuit of the cell.  Owing to the rotation of the earth, the orientation of the agglomerated molecules was subjected to deviation and as result of its rotation motion of the earth played at the end of 24 hour period, or even a few days, a formation of a filament, no longer rectangular but curvature.  The new parts of this filament were consequently formed along the line of magnetic force, invariable in direction, while the parts swept along by the motion of the earth.  As this conductive was being formed, the insulating sheath or membrane enveloping the filament continued to grow.  The filament or the nucleus of the cell was finally formed.

The formation of this cellular circuit was due, in short, to the presence of lines of force arising out of  the celestial space, and the configuration to the rotation of the earth. The circuit thus formed was endowed by construction, with capacitance and self induction.  It then immediately began to vibrate under the influence of electromagnetic radiations, among which a certain frequency equivalent to the frequency of the circuit was found with which it could vibrate in resonance.  The microscopic globule of mineralized water, already showing signs of organization, was then completed chemically by its other organic structures, such as protoplasm, cytoplasm, etc, always by aggregation of molecules.  And as it was vibrating and radiating, this globule was living and the cell was born. 

As a result of this formation every cell or at least every species characterized by cells possessing nucleus and protoplasm, began to oscillate with a frequency and wavelength by the dimensions of its filament.  Thus by virtue of the form and the dimensions of the filament, every cell, like every microbe, possesses its own wavelength which is characteristic of the species.  All these wavelengths are in a narrow zone within the electromagnetic spectrum. He set out to prove this with experiments with geranium plants.  He made a simple oscillating circuits that amplified cosmic rays and found that the oscillating circuit restored health in the plant after inoculating with cancer. 

Many doctors and scientists began experimenting with Lakhovsky’s Multi wave oscillator.  The magnitude of Lakhovsky’s work was well-known among European biologists and physicists. Many eminent scholars, among them Dr. Caligaris, Professor of Neurology at the University of Rome, Professor Attilj, Chief Radiologist at San Spirito in Sassia Hospital in Rome, Dr. Postma, prominent Dutch physician have published volumes explaining Lakhovsky’s theories and inventions in Europe.

The Waves that Heal and the Secret of Life documented the volumes of published research on the benefits for health and wellness his multi wave oscillator.  His fundamental theories on multiple wavelengths on living systems inspired a lifetime of work, which fueled the evolution of the BioCharger!

-Jim Girard, BioCharger Inventor

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