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Client Feature: Body Fusion Holistic Wellness

– ⁣ For this week’s client feature, we would like to introduce Body Fusion in Manchester, NH! Body Fusion is a biohacking fitness, functional health, and holistic wellness studio. It’s a place where science, technology and self-experimentation are used to optimize your body, upgrade your brain, and defy aging.⁣ ⁣

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The Importance of Grounding Your BioCharger

Grounding is important from an operational and safety standpoint. Insufficient earth grounding can be a safety hazard and may damage your BioCharger voiding the warranty. What is electrical grounding? Electrical grounding provides an alternate route for current to flow down to the ground if there is a fault in the

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Client Feature: The Life Center Chiropractic

“There’s a strongest, most aligned, connected, energized version of you coded, woven, and embedded into the fabric of your cells… into your design. When we are in alignment we express this maximum state of being. Failure to align, failure to connect, failure to achieve your highest potential. We call that a

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How to reset your BioCharger

Frozen BioCharger screen? Here’s how to do a reset! Sometimes you may turn on your BioCharger and the screen lights up, but the blue boxes don’t appear. Or maybe you try to use the stylus to click on a recipe, or anything else, and nothing happens — the screen is frozen.

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Client Feature: Restoring Eden

“Energy comes before chemistry, and you are not what you eat, but what you absorb” We are very excited about this opportunity to introduce Audra Wilson and her wellness business, Restoring Eden. “Restoring Eden is a community wellness center for holistic health located in the heart of Gilsum, New Hampshire. Restoring

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Client Feature: Aesthetics With Energy

Friends – meet Ewa Long, a long-time BioCharger client, and owner of Aesthetics with Energy in Denver, CO!⁣⁣”Aesthetic healthcare services are an extension of my prior 15 years of business, owning and operating a Chinese medicine clinic supporting patients. In that clinical setting, I became very proficient at educating clients

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Stress Can Make You Sick

Did you know that chronic stress can (and probably will) make you sick?⁣⁣Humans have two branches of the nervous system – the sympathetic (or fight-or-flight response) and the parasympathetic (or rest-and-digest system). These systems are always working in balance so that our bodies effortlessly respond to the environment around us.⁣⁣The

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A group of people sitting on the ground enjoying a BioCharger session

Practicing mindfulness

Three ways you can practice mindfulness today! Here are three different ways that you can practice mindfulness right here, right now (and in five minutes or less!) ✨Unclench your jaw, release your shoulders, maybe close your eyes, and take five very long breaths in and out.⁣ ✨Walk away from your

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Let's talk about... voltage

Let’s talk about voltage!

Let’s talk about high voltage, shall we?⚡️⁣ Let’s talk about high voltage, shall we?⁣ The BioCharger incorporates a true Telsa Coil which is capable of producing up to 600,000 volts . This is significant because of the process known as electroporation. ⁣Electroporation causes a temporary state where the cell membrane’s

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