UnWired Newsletter October 2023


Unwired BioCharger Monthly Newsletter October 2023 Edition in White Letters With Autumn Scenery as Background

UnWired Newsletter October 2023


The Smart Fit Method

Podcasts Featuring the BioCharger

To Arc Rod or Nylon Plug?

Popular Arizona Diamondbacks Recipes



Discover the Pulse of Wellness: Trends Shaping a Healthier Tomorrow.

2023 has been our year of global wellness intelligence gathering. From Austria’s Global Wellness Summit to Orlando’s Biohacking Conference and beyond, we’ve immersed ourselves in over 20 events worldwide. Our mission? To distill diverse insights and spot the universal themes that will define the future of wellness.

Our journey, punctuated by the interactions at live Tony Robbins events and more, wasn’t just about listening—it was about understanding the heartbeat of personal health journeys.

Even if your BioCharger is strictly for personal use, much of what we’ve learned will clearly benefit you to know.

We’re equipped with trend forecasts and vital statistics, ready to empower wellness businesses and their communities. With nearly half our global clientele providing diverse wellness services, and a surge in corporate wellness initiatives, we recognize the profound impact these insights can have.

Stay tuned for your exclusive invite to our briefing on the industry’s trajectory later this month, designed for both personal and business growth. We will share the best practices that enhance client experiences and business vitality after each session.

After all, your thriving success is our greatest inspiration and the bedrock of our journey forward.

James Law

Discovering Smart Fit Method: Revolutionizing Fitness with Cutting-Edge Technology

Have you ever wondered if there’s a way to achieve the same fitness benefits as lifting heavy weights and enduring grueling workouts without the physical stress? Allow us to introduce you to Smart Fit Method, a fitness revolution born out of the personal journey of its owners, Rob and Connor Darnbrough.

Smart Fit Method’s story begins with Rob’s quest for a healthier and more sustainable fitness regimen. Years of strenuous workouts had taken a toll on his body, and he started researching technologies that could offer the same benefits while minimizing physical stress. This exploration led him to discover cutting-edge technologies like Vasper, the ARX machine, the Carol bike, and the latest addition, the BioCharger

Together with his son, Connor, they embarked on a mission to create a business that could offer these transformative technologies to hundreds of others, with a focus on increasing health span and longevity to improve the quality of life for all their members.

They have harnessed these advanced modalities and developed a proprietary client app to quantify and track the results for their members. This app allows users to monitor their progress, assess whether the modalities are working for them, and even measure improvements in their biological age.

The BioCharger Experience

The introduction of the BioCharger was a pivotal moment for The Smart Fit Method. They were seeking a modality that would not only enhance the client experience but also foster a sense of community among members. The BioCharger became a place for members to gather, relax, and connect, often referred to as a “campfire” experience. It has become an essential part of their pre and post-workout routines, providing the energy needed before exercise and aiding in post-workout recovery.

Transforming the Fitness Experience

Since incorporating the BioCharger into their regimen, Smart Fit Method has witnessed a remarkable transformation in their clients’ experience including an increased in energy levels and improved sleep.

Watch our Interview with Rob and Connor about their BioCharger Experience

The Smart Fit Method has recently undergone a franchise expansion, with a presence across 6 locations, and 4 additional ones set to open in the upcoming year.

If you’re interested in discovering more about the Smart Fit Method and exploring their various locations, visit their website by clicking the link below.


Check out the latest BioCharger Podcast. You won’t want to miss these ones!

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The Drs Guide on Health Optimization with Dr. Brent Rademaker

Did you know that the BioCharger includes two options: a brass Arc Rod and our black plastic Nylon Plug?

Features of using the Arc Rod

The Arc Rod generates a corona discharge during the operation of a BioCharger Recipe. This corona discharge is associated with the following qualities:

  • The production of a small amount of negative ions (as occurs after a lightning storm)
  • The production of a small amount of ozone (this has been tested to be at a safe level)
  • Sound is produced as a result of the corona acting as a transducer moving the air just as a speaker moves air. Sound can add another beneficial dimension to the BioCharger experience when using the Arc Rod.

Features of using the black Nylon Plug

The black Nylon Plug can be substituted in place of the Arc Rod when the user would like to eliminate the sound aspect while following a recipe.

  • No ozone is produced when the Nylon Plug is used.
  • Very minimal or no negative ions are produced when the Nylon Plug is installed.
  • There is very little sound produced during operation when the Nylon Plug is used. The Plug is often preferred in an office setting or other settings where quiet operation is preferred, and there are times when a BioCharger experiencer will simply prefer quiet mode.
  • The field strength is virtually identical with or without Arc Rod. Everything is the same but ozone. There is ozone generated from the corona discharge from the arc rod.

We provide our clients with this choice to offer options regarding the sound produced while using a recipe. There are several scenarios where quiet mode is preferred over generating sound. Additionally, there are times when individuals may have a personal preference for one option over the other. For all these reasons, we offer this choice as a means to customize the experience when using the BioCharger.

From a subtle energy perspective, there is no discernible difference when using the Arc Rod versus the Nylon Plug.


On top of the Arc Rod is our optional sound-dampening baffle. We offer the baffle as a third, ‘middle-ground’ option that allows you to preserve the visual effect of the Arc Rod while reducing its sound output by approximately 50%. Its unique multi-layered design enables the use of the Arc Rod while providing a quieter BioCharger experience.

Designed, tested, and approved by the BioCharger team, this sound baffle is the only one approved to work with the BioCharger for aiding in ozone ventilation and preventing build-up.

We also recommend removing the baffle and wiping it clean once a week. During this time, remove the Arc Rod and wipe it down with a dry paper towel. Then, use a very fine grit sandpaper to buff it. This may not restore the original shiny appearance, but it will at least remove any corrosion that may have formed.

Please be aware that using unapproved products with the BioCharger can void the warranty and pose a safety hazard.


If you are a baseball fan, then you know the World Series wrapped up last night with the Rangers clutching the title! Great effort by the Rangers and the Diamondbacks.

Speaking of the Diamondbacks, it’s exciting to see how they’ve been using cutting-edge technology. In particular, the team’s Director of Sports Medicine and Performance, Ken Crenshaw, has been at the forefront of innovation. He’s been utilizing the BioCharger to help the players reach their peak condition. Until next season!

Popular Arizona Diamondbacks Recipes

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Unwired BioCharger Monthly Newsletter October 2023 Edition in White Letters With Autumn Scenery as Background

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