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Photons, Light  and The New Bulb Set

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” Nikola Tesla Energy, frequency, and vibration are what the scientific community call the electromagnetic frequency spectrum. Light is a part of that spectrum and it is intricately woven into the fabric of all

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The Birth of the BioCharger™ NG Frequency Recipe

One of the many advances that the BioCharger ™NG brings forth is the capability to process frequency patterns that are programmed into the unit. This capability is possible because of the revolutionary digital design. The frequency patterns are what we call “recipes.” A recipe is typically between 2 to 15

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World Surfing Event in Hawaii

BioCharger™ NG showcased at World Surfing Event

The World Surf League, the dominant competitive surfing organization in the world, held their final competition of the year, the Billabong Pipe Masters, in Oahu, Hawaii on Dec 8-20th . We had the privilege of showcasing the BioCharger NG to the competitors, thanks to the efforts of the organization’s Co Medical Director,

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The BioCharger™ as Part of a Fitness Routine

While still fine tuning the BioCharger™ NG, the founders of Advanced Biotechnologies, LLC were interested to investigate further the benefits that the BioCharger™ could offer athletic minded people. They initiated an informal study with a control group of athletic participants, and tracked their performance over a 4 week period. Each

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