Try Something New!

Before we elaborate, how does the thought of trying something new make you feel?  Excited?  Overwhelmed? Nervous? Curious?  Maybe a little bit of everything?  Trying something new can evoke many different emotions and we’re here to tell you that even if you feel hesitant just reading that phrase – we want you to keep reading!

Trying something new gets us out of our comfort zone.  It requires courage, thoughtfulness, action, and the potential to – dare we say it? – fail.  It can be scary and intimidating.  BUT you know what else it can be?  Fun, invigorating, challenging (in a good way), and teach us a lot about ourselves.  When we stay in our same everyday routine, we’re not being forced to take chances or show ourselves what we’re made of.  We can get complacent, bored, and forget what excites us.  That might be a strength in many ways, but too much complacency can damper our self-esteem, our mood, and our overall happiness.

So now you might be thinking ok, how can I try something new when I have to work 40+ hours per week?  How can I try something new when my funds are a bit low and I don’t have any disposable income?  Trying something new can mean doing about a million different things – some that are free, some that cost money, some that can be done alone, some that can be done in groups – the possibilities have no end!  Here are just a few ideas:

-Video chat with a friend that you usually talk to on the phone

-Visit that pond that you’ve always heard about but have never seen

-Sign up for a beginner’s pottery class

-Walk your dog around a new park

-Try a new grocery store

-Take a different way home

See, there really is no limit to the idea of ‘trying something new’ and chances are – you’ll feel a spark that you haven’t felt in a while if you just go for it.  Yes, it can feel intimidating and require a bit more effort than you’re used to, but the positive psychological effects of challenging yourself will likely outweigh the negatives.  Trying new things can stimulate creativity, encourage you to overcome fears, and help you prove to yourself what you’re truly capable of.

Consider this our challenge to you – what are you going to do to try something new this week?

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