Prominent CA Doctor Helps People Feel Better through Frequency Therapy Provided by the BioCharger NG

Dr. Greg Barsten is a well renowned clinician who has been in practice in Los Gatos, CA for over 30 years. As his online profile outlines: “He is a chiropractor, certified clinical nutritionist and registered medical herbalist, and relentlessly pursues and studies health and natural healing methods.” Dr. Barsten dubs himself a technology junkie, as he enjoys researching new technology and often brings the latest devices into his practice. After conducting due diligence, Dr. Barsten purchased a BioCharger NG in 2017, and has found the frequency therapy to be an exceptional addition to his center. Having been on an investigational review board for a study on Rife devices and pain in years past, Dr. Barsten was familiar with aspects of the technology incorporated into the BioCharger, but was intrigued by the potential benefits associated with the frequency recipes that run it.

The BioCharger NG Helps Everyone

Established in a high population area, Dr. Barsten sees patients with varying conditions, ranging from those with everyday aches and pains, to the critically ill. He relayed tales of patients with grave conditions who used the BioCharger, and experienced improvements in their sleep, pain relief and general quality of life. His overall impression is that the BioCharger has the ability to transcend across a broad variety of ailments: “Honestly, regardless of their condition, people use it, and they just feel better”.

Dr. Barsten sometimes uses the BioCharger for group sessions to address patients with similar conditions, and he sees further opportunities in this area, as he believes that a sense of community can be built among those with similar issues. He does like to run private sessions for the chronically or critically ill.

Positive Results from Frequency Therapy

Based in Silicon Valley, Dr. Barsten encounters the occasional skeptic who is interested to see evidence that his treatment plans and the BioCharger sessions are having positive effects on their well-being. In these cases, Dr. Barsten likes to use a heart rate variability (HRV) comparison to show patients the shift in their HRV, pre and post treatment. He finds that there is always a positive shift, and this helps those who are looking for academic answers. Dr. Barsten works with several organizations and other doctors who also subscribe to this widely accepted methodology. Most who try the BioCharger in Dr. Barsten’s clinic ultimately purchase a multi-session package, so that they can continue to experience the rejuvenating energies associated with the frequency therapy.

Dr. Barsten’s practice is known as HealthQuest, and is a clinic “that blends traditional hands-on therapies with advanced techniques for restoration, promotion and maintenance of health and vitality.” We encourage you to visit if you are located in the Los Gatos, CA region. We are honored to have Dr. Barsten as part of our BioCharger family, and we look forward to helping him continue to improve the wellness of his clients through the revitalizing energies emitted by the BioCharger!

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